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Indica and Sativa Gummies: 5 Best Edibles of 2023

We’re diving into the world of indica and sativa gummies, and looking at the best products today’s edible industry has to offer.

The world of hemp-derived gummies has seen a huge boom in the last several years, allowing consumers far and wide to take control over their own wellness routines and utilize products that work best for them.

Indica and Sativa gummies are no exception! These products offer an array of specific benefits, which have the potential to aid in symptom relief or simply enhance elements of our day-to-day lives. If you’ve ever been curious about trying indica or sativa gummies, or simply want to look at new options, you’re in the right spot.

Today, we’re diving into the world of indica and sativa edibles, and looking at the best products today’s industry has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about these highly sought-after infusions and check out our picks for the top five indica gummies on the market, online now and ready to buy!

Best Indica Gummies

1. Evn – Live Rosin Indica and Sativa Gummy formulas: Best Overall

2. Hometown Hero – Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Indica): Rosin Indica Gummies

3. VIIA Hemp Company – Euphoria Sativa Gummies: High Potency

4. Cypress Hemp – Live Resin Delta 9 THC Indica Gummies: Live Resin Indica Gummies

5. Neurogan – CBD Indica Gummies: No-THC Option

1. Evn – Live Rosin Indica and Sativa Gummy formulas: Best Overall

Quality evident in all of Evn’s products, and its Indica and Sativa Gummies are no exception. Both products are infused with single strain hemp rosin. Bubba Kush is infused in the Indica gummies, which one of the most iconic, well-loved indica strains known for its calming and. Their Sativa edibles are made using Hawaiian Haze, a sativa strain known for its social and active effects. So, if you’re looking for uplifting, sativa-specific benefits, you can’t go wrong here! On the flip side, if you need help relaxing, the Indica blend would be best suited.

With 5 mg of THC and CBD in each of the package’s 20 gummies, along with tasty flavor profiles, these gummies are formulated to please. Evn is also super transparent about what goes into its products, with no artificial flavors or colors and a list of easily recognizable ingredients, alongside easily accessible lab results right on the website.

Evn also offers free shipping on U.S. orders over $25, a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee, and all products are sourced from organically-grown family-run hemp farms.

When it comes to quality, consistency, and potency, Evn’s Indica and Sativa gummies truly can’t be beat!

2. Hometown Hero – Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Indica): Rosin Indica Gummies

Hometown Hero’s indica gummies are also made with live rosin, utilizing the valuable terpenes in the original hemp to produce a tasty product with hints of pine and citrus. Live rosin is also known for retaining many other original compounds of the plant, which really helps these products and their effects to shine.

With 10 pieces in a package, each gummy is infused with 25 mg of THC, sure to usher in the sense of calm that indicas are known for.

3. VIIA Hemp Company – Euphoria Sativa Gummies: High Potency

VIIA Hemp’s Blood Orange Tangie Euphoria Sativa Gummies are some of the best sativa gummies you can find.. Complete with all of those precious sativa compounds, each of the 12 gummies pack in a hefty amount of cannabinoids: 20 mg of delta-9 THC, 20 mg of CBD, and an additional 30 mg of minor cannabinoids! The company calls its Euphoria line its “strongest and most innovative gummy yet.”

4. Cypress Hemp – Live Resin Delta 9 THC Indica Gummies: Live Resin Indica Gummies

Cypress Hemp utilizes the famed, relaxing Cherry Pie strain in their indica gummies, infused with live resin — made with flash-frozen hemp to deliver high-quality potency and effects.

There are 15 gummies in each package, with each gummy offering a combination of 20 mg of THC and 10 mg CBN, a minor cannabinoid that research and anecdotal evidence suggests could further help to benefit rest, relaxation, and sleep.Cypress Hemp provides a solid live resin indica gummy that packs a major punch!

5. Neurogan – CBD Indica Gummies: No-THC Option

If you’re looking to avoid THC but still want to enjoy the benefits that indica gummies have to offer, Neurogan is the way to go.

Each package of Neurogan’s CBD Indica Gummies contain a whopping 30 watermelon-flavored gummies, with 120 mg of CBD per serving along with an indica blend of terpenes to fully optimize those indica effects. Neurogan’s gummies are also made with full-spectrum hemp extract, retaining the other cannabinoids and compounds in the plant that synergistically work to optimize effects.

What Are Indica Gummies?

Indica gummies are gummies infused with an indica strain, or strains. While the old days often had consumers trying edibles without knowing the dosage or effects they could expect after indulging, today’s brands have embraced the use of specific strains and formulations for their edibles.

What are Sativa Gummies?

Sativa gummies are infused gummies made with sativa strains. Companies today have embraced using specific strains and formulations to create their edibles, including sativa-specific varieties! This is great for consumers, making it super easy and transparent to nail down the specific effects they can anticipate when chowing down on an edible.

Indica and Sativa Gummy Effects

Sativa, indica, and hybrid generally describe specific effects that users can expect after using specific strains and edibles that fall within those categories.

Indica gummies and strains typically offer a more mellow, sedating, and relaxing experience for the body and mind.

Conversely, sativa strains offer a more stimulating, uplifting experience. Hybrids are what they sound like – a hybrid between an indica and a sativa strain, that can have a balance between the calming and uplifting effects of an indica and sativa strain.

Many consumers also prefer to use sativa gummies and strains during the day, and indica edibles at night, though this is not a hard and fast rule

Benefits of Indica and Sativa Gummies

Sativa gummies specifically offer a number of potential benefits. Many consumers find that sativa gummies can help to increase creativity, focus, and enhance social interactions. Additionally, they may help to relieve symptoms of depression, fatigue, and stress.

Consumers tend to use indica gummies to help relieve stress and reduce pain The more sedative effects of indica gummies are ideal for those looking for assistance getting to sleep.

How We Chose Our List

The hemp-derived cannabinoid industry admittedly saw a major boom after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. While this is great for accessibility of such products, it also means that there are definitely some companies to avoid. We considered a number of key factors and encourage consumers to do the same as they shop before they purchase.

Third-party testing is essential. All of the products on our list undergo third-party testing and have easy-to-access test results directly on the company sites and/or product pages. These tests determine that products indeed contain all of the compounds and doses a brand claims they do. The tests also show that products are pure, containing no contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. If you’re having a hard time finding these results on a company site, steer clear!

We only included products made with hemp grown in the United States. Most quality companies will include information about how the hemp is grown and the ingredients that go into products. Transparency is important, and reputable companies shouldn’t have any issues sharing this information.

While there are plenty of great, up-and-coming hemp-derived cannabinoid companies, we also focused on those with an established reputation. By that, we simply mean that companies should value communicating with customers, sharing their story and the work they do, and what all goes into creating the products you are buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Indica and Sativa Gummies Do For You?

Sativa and indica gummies may have a number of different outcomes, depending on the specific strain used, the dose, and the cannabinoids included (like CBD and THC). Most sativa gummies will promote a more uplifting, active, and energized effect, while indica gummies tend to promote a relaxing, grounding effect.

Can You Get Sativa in a Gummy?

Yes! Fortunately, thanks to the evolving hemp-derived cannabinoid market, more companies are embracing specific strains in their formulations, allowing consumers to hone in on the exact experiences they want out of an infused gummy.

Do Sativa Edibles Energize You?

Hemp-derived cannabinoid products as a whole affect us all differently, but in general, sativa edibles, strains, and products are known for their more energizing effects. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to how a specific product might affect us, including the wide array of compounds in the original hemp plant like cannabinoids and terpenes, but there’s also a reason the industry typically uses indica, hybrid, and sativa to categorize these products

How Long Does it Take for Indica Gummies to Make You Sleepy?

Most consumers begin to feel the effects of a cannabis gummy within 30 minutes to two hours after taking it, with effects peaking around four hours in. If you’re using an indica gummy for sleep, taking it around one to two hours before bedtimes is likely a safe bet.