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Best Payday Loans and Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval in July 2022

Quick Secure Mortage rounded up some of the leading direct lenders of loans for bad credit and highest levels of customer service.
By Quick Secure Mortgage |
Quick Secure Mortgage

Do you have any plans of applying for a bad credit loan? Maybe you have a poor credit score, or you have fallen on some tough financial times. Are you behind with your bills or do you owe money back to a family member? Or perhaps your car is in urgent need of repair costs or you simply need money for your living expenses.

Surely, a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval and/or no credit check might just be what you need. In this in-depth review, we are going to highlight some of the leading direct lenders of loans for bad credit. These companies are some of America’s finest for having strong client satisfaction.

Truthfully speaking, not all bad credit loan lenders are favorable for you. Of course, these lenders allow all types of emergency loans.  What you have to watch out for and be very careful of are the interest rates that are offered by some of these direct lenders. 

We are pleased to present you with the leading payday loan lenders in this review. Also available are some of the positive and negative feedback for these money lenders. 

So, sit back and enjoy this good read. This certainly will be one of the most advantageous bad credit loan reviews you will ever read. Here we go:

#1. MONEYMUTUAL – Best Payday Loan Direct Lender in America

#2. CREDITLOAN – Top Installment Loan Provider Today

#3. FUNDSJOY – Loans for Bad Credit with No Credit Check

#4. TRUE AMERICAN LOAN – Instant Loans for Bad Credit

#5. XMASFUNDS.COM – Best Emergency Loans In 2022

#6.FUNDSGIFT – Bad Credit Loans With Quick Approval

#1. MoneyMutual – The Best Bad Credit Loan Lender in America

You might have been aware of MoneyMutual as it is one of the outstanding emergency loan providers in the industry. They are fast, reliable, and service-oriented. Furthermore, they have under their umbrella one of the excellent spokespersons out there

Familiar with Montel Williams?

One of the famous daytime talk show hosts.  Montel’s patrons grew exponentially in the 1990s.  After an extremely successful daytime talk show career, Montel Williams got into promoting MoneyMutual.

Since he’s so reputable, people will tend to come to and follow him, and they did. Montel Williams’ haters came out of the woodwork and came after him for promoting a ‘bad credit loan’ company. They stated that Montel exploited them by promoting a company that just picked on people in their time of need.

Our opinions differ. Montel Williams always demonstrated that he was a model citizen both during his time as a daytime talk show host and after. His MoneyMutual endorsement was a success in itself. 

Visit the official Money Mutual website now!

#2. CreditLoan – Poor Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval Online In 2022

Our strong second after MoneyMutual is CreditLoan. Their rise is so sudden, we were completely surprised!  No one gave them much of a chance, but all of a sudden, they started to pick up momentum as a bad credit loan lender. Loan amounts and interest charges are basically the same as in MoneyMutual just with a different brand. They surely pose a good competition for MoneyMutual. 

CreditLoan is certainly a promising money lender to watch out for. More so concerning client satisfaction. In that, as they continue to grow as a payday loan provider, they are able to maintain the same level of outstanding customer service to their client base. Time will tell because the personal loan industry is a competitive one.

Visit the official CreditLoan website now!

#3. FundsJoy – Emergency Loans for Bad Credit With 48-Hour Approval

FundsJoy is one of our most admired short-term loan providers. They are an absolute first on their marketing and user-friendly website. Their use of color on their website is very good, as it creates a comfortable user experience for anyone searching for no credit check loans.

With FundsJoy, handling their rapid expansion is easy peasy. Like CreditLoans, FundsJoy is very promising. As more people with bad credit apply for quick loans, are they able to handle the back end and customer service that comes along with an increased number of people taking out bad credit loans. 

There is no telling though with this company. We will continue to keep an eye out on this one. We definitely favor them and endorse them to anyone in need of a bad credit loan. 

Visit the FundsJoy official website now!

# 4. True American Loan – Best Personal Loans for Veterans and Army Officers


The name says it all – this bad credit loan provider is catering to true-blood Americans. Their intended market as well as those who did payday loans with them were really Americans. 

So how do you identify someone as a true American? Well first and foremost, their love for America should be imminent. As such, this loan provider is popular with so many Americans all across our great nation. Whatever loan you might need – either a payday loan, bad credit loan, no credit check loan, short-term loan, installment loan, 24-hour loan, $500 loan, $300 loan, or $100 loan – this company definitely provides them all.

So, you might want to ask, are they as distinguished as MoneyMutual is? Definitely – no. But bigger is not always better, right? What’s important is they can provide the best bad credit loan to their clients’ needs. 

Visit the True American Loan website now!

#5. XmasFunds.com – Best Holiday Loan for Bad Credit with Instant Approval


This might seem odd but give us a chance! This money lender is definitely in demand come Christmas time – as unbelievable as you might think.  Seriously – SUPER popular. There are a lot of people around the holidays that need cash fast and that need emergency loans

Do you think a bad credit loan lender labeled with Christmas is successful during Christmas Time only? 

Well check this out…even when it is not Christmas time, this payday loan lender still manages to perform consistently. Why do you think so? The most popular opinion is that people just love Christmas. Anything Christmas-sy is generally accepted. 

Please- make the time to check this money lender, especially if you are looking for $5000 loans.

Visit the XmasFunds official website now!

#6. FundsGift – Quick Cash with Guaranteed Approval and Bad Credit Loans

FundsGift is a fairly new company. They can clearly contend with MoneyMutual no doubt. See what we did there? 

Most notable from FundsGift is how they rapidly increased their customers. Look at how fast-paced they are in lending all types of bad credit loans with guaranteed approval to their clients.  The pace at which they are giving them out makes you think that they have been in the business for years! 

We are excited to see how far FundsGift will grow. Will they be as big as MoneyMutual is in the future?  We are seeing conflicting opinions now – some yes they will be but not all are convinced.

The future is uncertain right now, but in terms of short-term loans and 24-hour loans, FundsGift is undoubtedly number 1. MoneyMutual might be a good choice though for $5000 loans and $10000 loans. 

Visit the official website for FundsGift now!

How to Avoid Scams on Bad Credit Loans

With the good, there is always bad. Unfortunately, we have to let you know that there are a lot of bad credit loan scams that occur. Some people take advantage of others and present fake bad credit loan companies. 

As such you have to be very careful when you are working with a new payday loan lender. Maybe you found this company online and you know nothing about them. If this is the case, proceed with caution. Especially if they have little or no online presence.

Some of these terrible companies will trick borrowers into providing their personal information.  Once they do that, they sell the borrower’s personal information to other 3rd parties, and the borrower is contacted by companies that are just interested in cheating the borrower. 

These bad companies may offer a bad credit loan to an individual, ask them to provide a deposit for their loan, and once they send the deposit, the company runs away with their money.

As such, it is so important for us to review the fact that you should always be very careful when you are in search of a bad credit loan. There are a lot of bad people out there who will try to take advantage of you by stealing your personal information and your money.

Final Words on Installment Loans and Payday Loans

This is finally the conclusion of this review. We have analyzed six of the best bad credit loan lenders in America. As we promised, we discussed some of the pros and cons for each loan lender. 

Based on the information we have shared, you should be able to make a wise choice on which bad credit lender is the best match for you. After reading our in-depth articles borrowers usually come to the conclusion themselves as to which lender to pick. And there are also those that are still undecided. 

There is no reason to worry though. There are other people that feel the way you do. For people like you, we suggest that you stick to the biggest bad credit loan provider in America. Yes, nothing but the best, which is MoneyMutual. 

Please go to MoneyMutual’s official website by clicking on the link below. And start applying for a bad credit loan now! 

Visit the official MoneyMutual website now!

The Bad Credit Loan Company Winner: MoneyMutual

We would like to officially conclude this article by talking more about MoneyMutual. This is the company that we select as the best bad credit loan lender. Some may agree with our decision while others may not. The important thing to remember here is that we are ranking MoneyMutual on the following criteria. The criteria are:

  • Overall customer service
  • Turnaround time for loans
  • Market share
  • Online presence

When you compare any other payday loan lender to MoneyMutual, no one else comes even close. MoneyMutual has been dominating the market share in this industry for years. We anticipate that they will continue to keep the lion’s share of the business into the future. 

So, we end with this, if you need a bad credit loan company now, select MoneyMutual. They are the best in the business, and you will not regret your decision if you select them. 

Apply Now for A Bad Credit Loan!

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