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Best CBD Cartridges In 2022: Top Five Hemp Brands to Buy Pre-Filled CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD cartridges have recently grabbed many people's interest due to their potential health benefits, this guide will help you stay safe.
By Blue Ribbon Group |

CBD cartridges have grown in popularity in recent months. In reality, its popularity increased between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. CBD cartridges are well-known for providing your body with the cannabinoids needed. As a result, your work improves, and you become even more productive than before.

CBD is one of the most often detected cannabinoids in cannabis. It’s a naturally occurring molecule in the cannabis plant. It is frequently converted into the cannabinoid CBD, and other chemicals in the cannabis plant when it is present. It also has a lower psychotropic impact than THC.

CBD cartridges have grabbed many people’s interest due to their potential health benefits. Despite this, many CBD vape cartridge brands on the market may be counterfeit or harmful. You may, however, count on us rather than adding to your stress and squandering time.

Because there are so many CBD cartridges available in the cannabis business, selecting the right one can be challenging. With so many new CBD cartridges and brands vying for market share, it’s no surprise that the number of knockoffs and bad things has skyrocketed. If you want to save money and get high-quality CBD products from well-known companies right away, you’ve come to the correct place because this article examines the best CBD cartridges in the CBD industry right now.

Top 5 Best CBD Cartridge Brands to Buy CBD Vape Products Online:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Cartridge to Vape Strongly; Editor’s Choice
  2. Cheef Botanicals – Top CBD Brand for Hemp Infused CBD Cartridges Online
  3. CBDfx – Popular CBD Vape Cartridges with Strongest CBD Vape Oil
  4. JustCBD – Recommended CBD Brand for CBD Vape Cart Products
  5. CBDistillery – Most Potent Refillable CBD Cartridges

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Cartridge to Vape Strongly; Editor’s Choice

Brand overview

Exhale Wellness is a firm that specializes in offering high-quality CBD cartridges, as shown by the fact that you can tell by tasting one of their cartridges. There are no harsh slopes or rapid falls, and the CBD sensation is accomplished by fading into a simmering high. Their products are 100% natural and non-GMO, and they are sourced directly from growers in California and Colorado.

Exhale’s products have also undergone comprehensive testing, with the results correlating with Exhale’s claims. Among the many strains available are: Blackberry Kush, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Mango, and a slew of others.

The cartridge with the maximum potency had 900 mg of CBD per cartridge. They use cutting-edge technology and only use safe extraction processes in their manufacture. Exhale Wellness also ensures the quality of its CBD cartridges and other items by subjecting them to rigorous third-party lab testing.

Each strain has a wide range of flavors to choose from, so you’ll be able to satisfy your palate. As you can see, each type appeals to a specific demographic. Even better, each strain has its own individual high that fluctuates depending on the situation. Assume you’ve had a long day and want to unwind. Blackberry Kush is good because it causes deep relaxation, which aids sleep and removes stress from a hard day.


  • The company’s name and products are well-known
  • Hemp farming of high quality in the United States
  • Non-GMO, chemical-free, and vegan 900 mg organically generated and undiluted CBD THC
  • A 30-day money-back promise has been examined by a third-party laboratory
  • Free shipping is available on all orders placed in the United States
  • There are no potentially hazardous substances or additions
  • Actual client feedback is positive


  • The only way to get the products is through their official website
  • In the United States, eleven states have banned the use of CBD in any form

Customer experience

Exhale Wellness goods are overwhelmingly well-received by happy customers. The product’s quality and effectiveness have been commended by users. The cartridges increased users’ capacity to focus and relieved stress after a busy day, according to users. They also offered significant pain alleviation as well as a decrease in inflammation and discomfort.

The cartridges are simple to operate and, even when dragged slowly, give a pleasant throat impact. It will not, however, make you inebriated like other THC products. It gives you the perfect amount of bliss to help you unwind.

#2. Cheef Botanicals – Top CBD Brand for Hemp Infused CBD Cartridges Online

Brand overview

Cheef Botanicals sets out to change low-quality cartridges by creating cartridges that give a concentrated dose. Cheef Botanicals’ CBD cartridges, available through the company’s website, are one of the most potent CBD supplements on the market.

Cheef Botanicals is a high-quality product manufacturer headquartered just outside of Los Angeles, California. The hemp used to make the cartridges is grown on organic farms in Colorado, and only natural methods and means are used to generate the best grade hemp.

The cartridges are available from the company in a range of packaging sizes. Depending on how much worry or tension you’re feeling, you can pick between different dosages. The diverse forms and sizes cater to a wide range of customers with varying financial needs. If you’re anxious or stressed, the 300 mg packet might be for you.

Cheef Botanicals was formed by veterans of the food industry with over 25 years of expertise. Their popularity has surged among hemp fans because they provide one of the most potent CBD cartridges available. Cheef Botanicals’ objective is to eliminate CBD fallacies and educate the public on its benefits. Cheef Botanicals’ CBD cartridges contain no ingredients and are suitable for vegans.

The company uses independent laboratories to conduct tests to ensure that its final products are free of dangerous chemicals or additives. The results of the laboratory are available to the public on their website.


  • The cartridge is of high quality, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews
  • The only additions are organic terpenes, resulting in approximately 100% pure CBD that is unadulterated
  • There are no negative side effects from using it
  • It makes you feel a blend of cheerful emotions
  • Emotions such as delight, tranquility, and even motivation can all be felt
  • It’s well-researched, and the company’s official website even provides the findings of all the testing


  • The plethora of accessible options may be perplexing to new users
  • Not all products include full-spectrum extracts

Customer experience

Vaping CBD cartridges, the customers say their muscles relaxed, and their thoughts became more organized. After a long day at work, they can help you relax, decompress, and forget about it. Products from Cheef Botanicals are completely safe for the environment. Cheef Botanicals is a one-of-a-kind and comprehensive website with concise information on CBD and its products. On their website, you can also see the lab’s findings.

Brand overview

CBDfx has been one of the most well-known CBD brands since its launch in 2014. The product’s purity aided in establishing that reputation. The whole hemp is grown in accordance with strict US rules and is organic, GMO-free, and pesticide-free. As shown by third-party laboratory testing available on their website, CBDfx’s goods are of the highest possible quality.

Customers looking for a complete holistic medicine alternative with their CBD cartridges will find CBDFx to be an unrivaled provider. The CBD candies made by this company contain a variety of ingredients, including turmeric, which boosts the anti-inflammatory qualities of many CBDfx CBD cartridges. We encourage exploring all of the CBD candy options available on the CBDfx website.

You can choose approximately six different flavors of CBDfx CBD cartridges, all of which are packed with beneficial nutrients like turmeric, spirulina, and apple cider vinegar. It’s not uncommon to find CBDfx cartridges labeled as sleep aids or as supplements for general well-being. Consumers can select CBD cartridges that match their preferences from an assortment of variations. The classic mixed berry option is also available, as are CBD products with additional ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, biotin, and melatonin.

Consider the melatonin version if you have trouble sleeping at night. This substance is great for putting you to sleep and calming your nerves. As a detox drink, choose apple cider because it aids in the release of harmful toxins while simultaneously increasing your energy and immunity.


  • The hemp cultivated in the United States is non-GMO and all-natural
  • Natural and high-quality ingredients
  • The products are subjected to third-party testing
  • E-cigarette cartridges are both sweet and smooth
  • There are no frills or embellishments, just pure CBD, nothing but the best
  • Despite the company’s and its founders’ youth, it has a good reputation


  • In the broad and ever-expanding cannabis market, this brand is still growing its consumer base

Customer experience

CBDfx has received a lot of excellent comments from clients in general. Customers not only loved shopping with them, but they also praised the product quality. They were proud of their style, as well as the pure thrill they delivered and the feeling of well-being they had after using these cartridges. The majority of users reported they felt like they were using marijuana but without the negative side effects. Aside from the usual concerns about CBD, such as short-term effects and tolerance, CBDfx’s CBD cartridges have gotten positive feedback from customers.

These CBD cartridges have proven to be beneficial to people who deal with stress and concern on a regular basis, as well as those who have health issues. Other clients enjoy the fact that the things are made by experts, as well as the appealing packaging and user-friendly website.

Brand overview

JustCBD cartridges may appear to be highly effective if you’re trying to relieve stress, anxiety, or insomnia by taking them daily. 8 to 31 mg of CBD per serving is offered in the company’s selection of CBD-infused cartridges, with flavors like mango fruit chopped candies, watermelon candies, and bear candies.

Regarding being open and honest, JustCBD is the most open and honest brand selling CBD cartridges. Every product that the company produces is thoroughly tested before it is made available to the general public.

You can choose from a range of jar sizes at JustCBD. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 250 mg to 3,000 mg, so the CBD market has something for everyone. We enjoy that JustCBD’s CBD cartridges come in a variety of flavors and ingestion methods.

Their multi-colored cartridges are pleasing to the eye as well as delicious to smoke. Surprisingly, JustCBD also offers sugar-free versions of their most popular cartridges, which is excellent for clients who have a sugar sensitivity or are currently following a sugar-free diet.


  • The products are simple to use
  • The products are tested by a third-party laboratory
  • The canister is composed of Pyrex glass to prevent breakage
  • There are eleven unique flavors in total
  • CBD potency of 900 mg in pure form
  • Organic and environmentally friendly brand


  • Although the cartridges are of high quality, they are not the strongest on the market

Customer experience

JustCBD cartridges have gotten a lot of positive comments. Many of the brand’s customers are satisfied with the company’s product distribution and return policies and procedures. They also like the variety of flavors offered by the cartridges. In a short period of time, using the cartridges has a significant effect on the user. On the other hand, sellers appear to be content with the existing market conditions. The response has been overwhelmingly good.

#5. CBDistillery – Most Potent Refillable CBD Cartridges

Brand overview

CBDistillery is another well-known brand in the industry. This company has been manufacturing high-quality CBD products for a long time. Customers trust them to deliver pure cannabidiol supplements that help them get the most benefit from their purchase. A tropical fruit flavor is available in CBDistillery’s CBD cartridges by the name of CBDistillery.

CBDistillery is working on the premise that low-cost, high-quality CBD products should be available to everyone. In a short period of time, CBD natives with a strong sense of purpose built a significant Colorado-based CBD enterprise. CBDistillery has done a fantastic job with this one! When lesser cannabinoids like CBN combine with CBD to generate a more powerful compound, the entourage effect occurs.

CBDDistillery’s CBD goods, particularly cartridges, are well-known among the CBD community. In addition to being gluten-free, allergy-free, and kosher-certified vegan, they are egg and dairy-free! There is a 100% money-back guarantee on all CBD products, including cartridges and topicals. In addition, CBDistillery uses a third-party testing facility to ensure the high quality of its products. CBDistillery publishes all of its product testing results on its website, just like the other businesses on this list.

With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, CBDistillery has one of the most generous return policies we’ve seen. Orders over $75 receive free shipping. UPS will ship your package within 48 hours of payment processing; it should arrive five to seven business days later.


  • CBD cartridges that are extremely inventive and forward-thinking
  • A group of professionals investigates the product’s quality
  • The hemp extraction is organic
  • Different scents and tastes
  • Gluten and animal products are not permitted


  • It only sends packages to addresses in the United States of America

Customer experience

In our opinion, CBDistillery is one of the best cannabis distilleries in the United States. From the hemp source to the manufacturing procedures, the organization maintains exceptionally high standards. You can also find almost anything you’re looking for in their extensive selection of CBD products.

However, despite having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the parent company, Balanced Health Botanicals, has received negative customer reviews and complaints, mostly related to shipping issues. However, it appears that a number of the issues raised in the complaint have been addressed. Other CBDistillery customers are raving about the company’s customer service on the company’s website.

#6. Vape Bright

Brand overview

Vape Bright was founded with the goal of providing the vaping industry with a clean, pure, and strong CBD cartridges alternative. Vape Bright was able to design its first CBD vape cartridge thanks to the skills of its head scientist, which contains 25% more CBD than other brands.

On Vape Bright’s website, there are six CBD products to choose from. The Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge, Thrive Beyond Starter Pack, and Vape Bright Battery Charger and Case are their most popular goods.

Vape Bright sends its products by USPS or UPS in two to four business days. International shipping is accessible to the United States and the European Union. Customers from other countries can contact Vape Bright to see if the company can export their items to their country.

Vape Bright began tiny (as do most firms in this market) but owing to the structuring and skill of CEO Jason Hand, the company is now able to sell its line of pure and nutritious cannabidiol extracts that contain no chemicals or solvents.

They sell The Thrive, one of the most popular CBD vape cartridges on the market, and have established themselves as one of the most recognized businesses. Everything about Vape Bright is meant to amplify the advantages of CBD. Cannabidiols’ effectiveness in reducing pain, inflammation, and other diseases is due to their lack of chemicals.


  • CBD isolates are used in Vape Bright’s vape products
  • There are no oil fillers in the products, such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin
  • Vape Bright’s products include 25% more CBD than those of its competitors
  • Among the purest CBD vape cartridges available
  • Additional savings are available with Vape Bright promo codes


  • Vape Bright currently offers only six products, including one vape cartridge

Customer experience

Vape Bright’s pure CBD vape products, which are free of potentially harmful additives, offer a powerful and simple market option. However, in order to continue providing high-quality service, the firm may need to overcome some of its constraints.

They are, nevertheless, well worth the money if you’re looking for a good CBD vaping alternative that, in our opinion, surpasses most goods available in a mall or vape shop. Look at the lab findings on their website to get a sense of what they’re talking about. According to lab statistics, their CBD oils have 54% CBD by volume, which is by far the most potent final result produced by a lab.

How We Made the List of Prefilled CBD Vape Oil Cartridges

Third-party lab testing

Verify whether or not a third-party laboratory tests all of the brand’s products. Because it’s something they like to point out on their websites, you’ll usually be able to find it there. Only companies who are open and honest about the quality of their products deserve your trust and money.

Natural flavors

Consider this: The best CBD cartridges are great and tasty, but the most important thing is that they can be used without fear of causing high blood sugar levels in people with health issues. As a result, natural cartridges with low sugar content are preferable.


Overall, CBD product efficacy is directly related to the strength of the product. When it comes to CBD cartridges, the ones with higher CBD dosages work better because the body reacts faster. CBD cartridges with 5,000 mg of CBD aren’t available any time soon, and that’s fine. However, they are edibles, and the CBD content in most of them is quite low. Other methods of CBD intake are available, and the cartridges should remain a tasty and convenient way to get a small dose of CBD.

No pesticides

Forget about buying cartridges that haven’t been tested or are of low quality because they are inexpensive and readily available. Because there are so many reputable companies to choose from, there’s no reason to buy anything that could worsen your health rather than improve it.

Additional guarantees

More assurances equate to increased confidence. Customers appreciate companies that make an effort to provide excellent customer service, offer reasonable return and shipping policies, and stand behind the quality of their products. Quality and reliable brands are used to accepting returns and sometimes even offering a full refund. And customers will have even more faith in a company if they receive prompt and courteous service.

Things to Consider While Choosing CBD Vape Cartridge Brand


If you’re trying to avoid animal products or are concerned about consuming artificial additives and high-fructose corn syrup, pay attention to the ingredients. A CBD cartridge made with natural flavors and real sugar is your best bet. Melatonin, for example, may help reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep if added to the formula.

Brand reputation

Avoid companies that make outlandish claims or promises about their goods. You can also see if the FDA has issued any warnings or if there have been any lawsuits filed.

CBD type

How much CBD isolate, full-spectrum or wide-spectrum CBD is in the gum? Extraction, on the other hand, depletes the CBD of a wide range of beneficial compounds. The additional cannabinoids found in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products mean that they may provide greater therapeutic benefits than CBD isolate. Because of the ‘entourage effect,’ this occurs.


The dosage varies from product to product, but it’s also affected by the CBD’s origin. For example, full-spectrum CBD cartridges may be more potent than CBD isolate chews.

FAQs About Lab-Tested CBD Cartridges

1. How long till I start to feel the effects of a CBD cartridge?

The effects of legal cannabis edibles can be felt anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after consumption. Waiting time is largely determined by how much cannabidiol is added to your product.

With a higher cannabis dosage, you will experience/see results faster. The kind of effects you’ll get will differ based on the cartridges you use. For instance, THC-rich CBD cartridges will make you feel euphoric while also providing other benefits.

2. Are CBD cartridges suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

CBD Vape juice of CBD oil is derived from hemp, the plant from which the compound is derived. Hemp is the source of CBD. The hemp is processed into cannabidiol without the use of any animal products.

Hemp-derived top CBD cartridges are, therefore, suitable for vegans. Most manufacturers will also state whether or not their product is 100% vegan on the label and in the description.

3. Are CBD cartridges better than other CBD products?

When it comes to selecting CBD products, the most important consideration is your personal preference. Some people prefer edibles, while others prefer vaping or tinctures. CBD cartridges are distinctive from similar products due to their great taste, ease of use, and potency. They’re usually tasty, portable, and effective for a longer period.

4. Do CBD cartridges get me high?

Yes, CBD THC vape cartridges have psychoactive properties that might make you feel “euphoric.” This is because D8 THC can interact with your CB1 receptors, causing feelings of calm and joy. As a result, CBD cartridges are non-psychoactive, allowing you to benefit from THC’s medical properties without feeling the euphoric effects.

If you want to avoid the euphoric effects of THC and CBD, we recommend using vape CBD cartridges. CBD is the only product that works on CB1 receptors, and these treatments claim to offer the same medicinal benefits as CBD, but they don’t.

There are a variety of THC drugs accessible; however, broad-spectrum CBD is one of the most potent and commonly available. To get started, we recommend using a CBD vape cartridge to evaluate if this product provides the effects you require to reap the medical benefits of THC.

5. What type of battery is utilized in these cartridges?

Cannabis cartridges are available in a wide range of sizes and forms. And batteries are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. When talking about cartridges with a budtender, inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of each battery type. When it comes to your vape cartridge, you have a selection of materials to pick from. A budtender should be able to answer any questions you have about cannabis cartridges.

A new type of battery is the push-button battery. By pressing the button five times on a push-button battery, you can power up a cannabis cartridge. The light should start flashing, indicating that the battery is fully charged and ready to use. Press the button while you inhale. There is no smoke or mess with these prefilled CBD cartridges. By pressing the button five times, the battery can be turned off.

6. Are CBD cartridges legal?

As previously indicated, this chemical is allowed in some countries, but not all, as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which was formally recognized. The law allows for the usage of CBD, a component of hemp.

To be entirely legal, it should only contain 0.3% THC. Anything that goes above and beyond what is permissible can be confiscated by the government. It had to originate from a licensed industrial hemp plant to be lawful.

How can you get around the fact that you reside in a state where marijuana is illegal? CBD ink can still be ordered online and delivered to your home. Furthermore, your privacy is safeguarded. Despite the fact that CBD is legal and safe to consume CBD, you must maintain a high level of personal privacy.

Be informed of your local government’s cannabis legislation before purchasing or consuming a product. You may not be permitted to use cannabis in public if you live in a country where it is still banned.

The merchant from which you purchase the CBD vape cartridge

has a big impact on your safety. This list ensures that the contents of your box are legal and safe to use. When you smoke a cigarette, you don’t have to be concerned about anything.

7. What’s the potency of CBD cartridges?

There are a lot of differences in the potency of CBD vape cartridges. There are several alternatives available when it comes to CBD vaporizers. The potency of the vaporizer isn’t as critical for goods like refillable cartridges as it is for others. Because the effects of CBD cartridges are nearly instantaneous, you can start with a modest puff and progressively raise the power until you achieve the desired effect.

For beginners, start with 5-15 mg peruse. Wait for the first week before increasing the dosage to 15-45 mg per week to see whether it works. Remember that the ultimate effect is influenced by the temperature and power of inhalation.

Conclusion – Shop Best CBD Cartridges from Top Five CBD Brands Online

CBD cartridges have all of the excellent health benefits of CBD and are a little high. It does not, however, have the same consequences as CBD. CBD cartridges have transformed the hemp sector. Because of their popularity, producers and suppliers are cropping up all over. It’s difficult to discern between high-quality CBD cartridges and shady products.

Before making an online purchase, you should carefully research the brand and the goods. Please do your research and follow our shopping advice to understand why Exhale Wellness and CBDistillery are some of the best CBD vape cartridges.

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