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5 Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval in 2022

Find the best online lender for bad credit.
By Credit Pros |

Getting a conventional loan can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, especially if you have bad credit. People who have a bad credit history or a bad credit score can find it impossible to get a loan. Banks usually have an extensive credit check, requiring users to have a FICO credit score of 660 or above. So, what should you do in this situation? We advise you to get the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals from reliable online lenders.

There is an abundance of lenders available online who provide customers with quick loans in their time of emergency. Unfortunately, most of these platforms are aware that their target borrowers are in a vulnerable situation and they try to exploit this by charging extraordinary fees.

But, don’t worry; the list we have pulled together below contains some of the most reliable sites that offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. In addition, these loans do not charge high APRs and don’t require an extensive credit check.

The 5 Best Bad Credit Loan Companies Of 2022

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval
  2. Bad Credit Loans: Online Loan Lending Companies For Poor Or Bad Credit Score
  3. CashUSA: Get Instant Cash & Quick Approval Guaranteed
  4. Personal Loans: Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Based On Interest Rates

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval


According to statistics, 40% of people in America do not have $400 on hand for a financial emergency. This is the exact reason why MoneyMutual was started in the first place. MoneyMutual was founded back in 2010 to help people with bad credit scores in getting guaranteed loan approvals.

This internet marketplace is not a direct lender but acts like a bridge between the borrower and the lender. The process of applying for a bad credit loan is simple and easy. Initially, all users have to fill out a form on MoneyMutual’s official website, which asks for basic personal and financial information. Potential borrowers are then asked about information like where they live, their age, and how financially stable they are. Once the form is complete, the platform will start your loan request and send it out to a network of lenders.

MoneyMutual has a network of over 100 reliable lenders. Therefore, once the request is sent out, different lenders interested in giving a payday loan will send in their offers. Users can read all the loan terms and conditions on the lenders’ websites.

Until now, there is no obligation to accept the loan as no money has been paid. However, if you do not like the loan terms and conditions, there is always room for negotiation, or you could decline it altogether. It is important to remember that all the lenders networked with MoneyMutual are third parties; therefore, read all the terms and conditions carefully as MoneyMutual does not take responsibility for any frauds or scams.

Once you accept a loan offer, the funds will be transferred into your account in less than 24 hours. If you have any complaints or problems, the website has a different section dedicated to this. They also provide around-the-clock customer support.

MoneyMutual has been around for a while, and over time they have gained an excellent reputation. They have helped over two million customers receive bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. This includes old loyal customers who have used the service multiple times and new customers who discovered them through referrals.


Encrypted and Secured Website

Many regular customers stick with MoneyMutual because of the privacy and security the site has to offer. However, due to sensitive personal and financial information being shared during a loan process, all this information must be encrypted and safe. MoneyMutual guarantees users data protection by using Norton’s 256-bit encryption.

Informative and Transparent Website

MoneyMutual’s website is straightforward and user-friendly, and users can easily navigate the website without any complications. Apart from this, they provide multiple instructional tools as well.

This feature helps new users avoid any beginner mistakes when it comes to investing and spending. They also have educational resources that set them apart from any competition in the online lending market.

Annual Percentage Rate and Interest Rate

As MoneyMutual has a wide variety of lenders, each offers different APRs and interest rates. However, the lenders charge a competitive rate and do not ask for unnecessary charges.

The APR and interest rates offered are competitive to market rates. However, the exact amount charged is not available as it is dependent on different factors like the lender, loan amount, borrower’s situation, and so on.


MoneyMutual is very open and transparent about its business practices. Their user-friendly website provides detailed data and information on the company’s operations. Additionally, they also have customer reviews, FAQS, and instructional resources. Users can also submit any complaints or leave recipes on the website site.

Customer Reviews

Customers like MoneyMutual because of how easy they make the loan process, the competitive rates they charge, and the customer service they provide after a loan. Additionally, users appreciate instant fund deposits as most customers look for bad credit loans in emergencies.


  • Simple and quick approval process
  • Website is easy to use and navigate
  • Borrowers can receive the funds within less than 24 hours of approval
  • Large lending network
  • Encrypted and secure website
  • Services provided are free of cost


  • Only U.S. citizens can get a loan
  • Not available in New York or Connecticut

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Online Loan Lending Companies For Poor Or Bad Credit Score


Second, on our list is Bad Credit Loans, another platform that facilitates connections between the borrowers and lenders. Established in 1999, this network has been helping people get bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals for a long time.

Bad Credit Loans has your back covered whether you need help with debt consolidation, debt relief, rent, credit card refinancing, rent, auto repairs, medical, vacation, or any emergencies. 

The platform’s lending network can help you make good loan decisions, and users are under no obligation to accept an offer they do not like. Like MoneyMutual, this company also works with third-party lenders who establish their own terms and conditions.

Users can request a loan ranging from as little as $500 to as large as $10,000. Additionally, Bad Credit Loans offers flexible payment options and gives users the liberty to repay the loan in up to three years. However, the interest rate can vary depending on the terms and conditions of the lender. Usually, the interest rates can range from 5.99% to 35.99% APR.

In order to be eligible for a bad credit loan, users must be older than 18, have a stable income source, and show proof of U.S. citizenship. This is just the basic application requirements of Bad Credit Loans, and the third-party lender also sets further eligibility criteria.

To apply for a loan, users just have to follow three simple steps, and the money will be transferred to their bank account in less than 24 hours. But, first, they need to fill out a simple form available on their official website.

In the application, you will have to put in the details of the loans like the reason for the loans, the amount you need, give proof of citizenship, provide personal information, and some financial information. After this, all you have to do is wait as the company does the rest of the work.

Bad Credit Loans connects you to reliable lenders who are selected through the information you provide. The lender goes through your application and offers a payday loan with terms and conditions according to your requirements. If you like the offer, you can sign the contract; otherize, there is always the option to decline it. There is no going back once the offer is accepted, so always read the terms and conditions carefully.


Customer Service

Due to the experience they have gathered, Bad Credit Loans is a reliable source to find credible and trustworthy lenders. They have 24/7 available customer service, which is available on call and online. Many customers and businesses have given excellent reviews to the site.


Bad Credit Loans works in a very transparent and open manner, as the platform organizes and publishes all the required loan information, including terms and interest rates, available. They also offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval, so you can quickly get a loan and get the funds in less than 24 hours.

APR and Interest Rates

Bad Credit Loans does not offer direct loans, but they connect lenders to borrowers. However, they cannot exactly know what the loan’s APR and interest rate are.

However, to help out customers, Bad Credit Loans has set a cost restriction and APR restriction, which is between 6% and 36%. This makes sure that lenders do not charge borrowers a high APR or interest rates.

Obligation Free Rates

A great feature about Bad Credit Loans is the obligation-free rates they offer. This allows borrowers to look at multiple loan options and decide which one works best for them. If you like the offer, you can accept it; otherwise, you can negotiate new terms or look for a different lender. Bad Credit Loans do not charge anything for this feature. Instead, they make money by charging the lender a small fee for every user; this ensures that there are no fraudulent or shady procedures.


  • Quick loan application
  • Eliminates the extra hassle of getting a conventional loan
  • One application is sent to multiple lenders, saving time and energy
  • Around the clock customer assistance
  • Adheres to security guidelines and strict privacy
  • Follows stick security and privacy guideline


  • Requires personal and financial information to connect borrowers to lenders

#3. CashUSA: Get Instant Cash & Quick Approval Guaranteed


Many conventional online lenders do not offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals, but CashUSA does. This platform connects borrowers looking for loans with reliable lenders who give out loans based on other factors than credit score.

CashUSA is one of the most reputable and reliable companies in the market. If you have a bad credit history or a bad credit score, this platform can help you find a network of lenders. Lenders connected with the company do not ask for extensive credit checks, as they are more concerned about how financially stable the borrower is. The application process is hassle-free and quick, and anyone can complete it.

Users can receive flexible terms and conditions on the loans they want. For example, they can borrow up to $1,500 with interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. This might seem like a lot, but it is very low in terms of other online lenders giving bad credit loans with guaranteed approval.

CahUSA has a similar application process to the other online lenders on the list. First, you must fill out a small form asking for basic information such as your age, email address, name, how much money you need, etc. Next, you will be asked for some detailed information such as your address, phone number, financial situation, social security number, and bank account information.

In the last step of the process, you need to provide your financial information and submit the form. Once this is done, all you have to do is wait as CashUSA does the rest of the work. Finally, the application is sent to a variety of lenders. If any of them are interested in working with you, they will send an offer.

This might seem like a lot of work and too much information, but it is worth it. Filling out this application form is enough to be connected to a wide range of lenders offering loans. Normal conventional loans can take too much work as you need to visit different offices, wait for weeks for just a response, have in-person meetings, and much more; therefore, this online lender is a lifesaver.


Security and Privacy

CashUSA uses some of the most advanced and new encryption technology to keep all user data private and safe. This includes both the financial and personal information of users. The site has secured files that people cannot access without the proper authority. Additionally, they run tests on the site on a daily basis to make sure that the platform remains safe and that there have been no security leaks.

Fast and Simple Process

Users only have to fill out one application form to get connected to lenders, but they get in touch with reliable lenders within a day of approval. Unlike using traditional banks, while working with CashUSA, the process is done almost instantly. Furthermore, if you accept a loan offer, the money will be transferred to your bank account within a day.

Online Payments and AutoPay

One of the best features that sets CashUSA apart from other competitors is its repayment options and flexibility. Users can make payments when it is convenient for them, either manually online or through auto payments. Auto payments allow users to forget about the loan and have CashUSA take care of it. In addition, the platform will take out loan repayment funds from the user’s bank account every month. This ensures that borrowers are not late on repayments and do not default on the loan.


  • Easy-to-use services
  • Over one million users monthly
  • Loan repayments are easy and flexible
  • Wide network of lenders
  • Additional educational provided
  • Secure and safe system protects all user information


  • A lot of information is asked in the application process

#4. Personal Loans: Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Based On Interest Rates



Personal Loans is an online platform that strives to provide convenient and secure lending services to whoever needs them. To accomplish this, they have a range of lenders and different financial agencies to help people get bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Personal Loans guarantees its customers a secure, fast, and safe fund transfer regardless of other factors like why the money is needed, the amount, and at what time the money is needed.

This Utah-based company has been in the online lending business for a while. Over this time, they have gathered the trust of thousands of customers who have only food things to say about them.

It does not matter the reason for the loans, be it house renovation or medical bills; Personal Loans always has a solution. Their loan application process is quick and simple, starting with filling an online basic information form on their official website.

Once all the information is given and submitted, the form is circulated among a large network of reliable lenders. By doing so, multiple potential lenders can look at your request and work with you. This saves a lot of time and energy as you do not have to contact each lender individually. After you receive the terms and conditions of the bad credit personal loan, you have three options, either negotiate the terms, decline the offer, or accept it. There is no obligation to accept a loan.

After everything is finalized and done, you can receive the funds in the provided bank account in less than 24 hours.


Multiple Lenders Offered

While working with Personal Loans, users can review offers from multiple lenders. In addition, they get the option of working with any company from the platform network or even choosing from a third-party lender advertised on the site. This gives users the choice to compare and contrast different loan offers to pick the best one.

Late Payments

Personal Loans works with lenders that favor the borrower while making repayments. It gives borrowers some leniency while making installments and repayments.

If you think you will miss a payment or be late, just call or email the customer service department or the lender to set new repayment date. Lenders may charge a small fee due to late payments, but it will be much lower than a late fee or defaulting costs.

Privacy and Security

This platform ensures users the complete privacy of all their personal and financial information. In addition, Personal Loans follows all applicable security laws to ensure that no customer leaks or data leaks occur.

Furthermore, they also have state-of-the-art encryption throughout the site, preventing unauthorized people or hackers from accessing any private information.

Great Customer Service

If you have any trouble using Personal Loans’ official website or need extra information about the loan terms, you can contact the customer service department by email or phone. They offer round-the-clock support over email and have a working crew working on the helpline from 6 am to 7 pm.

The team is extremely courteous, patient, and helpful. They work very hard to resolve any client’s questions and problems. Additionally, the site also provides educational tools and guides to help out customers.


  • Straightforward and flexible repayment terms
  • Obligation-free rates offered
  • Loans are available up to $30,000
  • Fast and simple process


  • Some lenders require bi-monthly repayments

#5. Credit Loan


Starting back in 1998, this online lender is the oldest on the list. With the experience gathered over the years, they have served over a million people by connecting them to reliable lenders. This platform’s main goal is to provide users with practical and secure tools to deal with different financial problems.

Due to their affordable interest rates and APRs, Credit Loan is a reliable and reasonable lender. They not only offer loans to people with average credit but also to people with a bad credit score. Credit Loan makes sure that all the lenders they work with are suitable and have transparent loan terms and conditions.

All the companies listed above have had the same application process, so does Credit Loan; however, they are particularly good for users who want to loan a small amount of money at a competitive interest rate.

Users can send a loan request by filling out a typical basic information form on the official website. The form asks for information like name, zip code, age, email, etc. A great thing about Credit Loan is that it guarantees users the protection of their information like nothing else.

Their company is verified and reviewed by TRUSTe, which provides their safety and security. Credit Loan also has other reliable certifications like McAfee SECURE, meaning that all users are secure and safe while surfing and using the website.

Once you submit the form, it is forwarded to an online community of lenders, and if any of them want to work with you, they will redirect you to their website for the next step. Thus, the whole loan process is fast and simple.

The lender’s website will contain all the agreement details, including things like interest rate charged, time for repayment, funds are given, and much more. If you are happy with the terms and conditions, accept them. As Credit Loan is just a middle man, they do not control the terms and conditions of the loan. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you do not like the loan, just decline it and look for other options.


Great Customer Reviews

Almost all the customers who have worked with Credit Loan have left a positive review, praising the site for its secure and fast service. In addition, they say that the site is great for people who want to get bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals in emergencies, as the lenders transfer funds within 24 hours of loan approval.

Easy-to-Use Website

Credit Loan has a very simple-to-use website that contains instructions on navigating it and applying for a loan. So even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily apply for a loan in a few minutes. Unlike conventional loans that require each lender to be contacted individually, this platform sends your loan application to multiple lenders at one time.

Additional Resources

Not only does Credit Loan connect borrowers to reliable lenders, but they also have multiple extra features users can use. First, they have multiple financial tools like debt calculators and loan calculators, which can help users make budgets. Second, they also offer a library of content that contains different articles on financial topics like improving credit score, bad credit loans, and many more.

All these additional resources are completely free and for anyone to use.


  • Free, secure, and fast services provided
  • All personal and financial information is safe and secure
  • Easy to navigate and simple-to-use website
  • Verified by TRUSTe
  • No in-person meeting needed
  • Funds are made available in less than a day
  • Great platform for smaller loans


  • Strict eligibility criteria

How We Made This List of Bad Credit Loan Lenders?

We took the liberty of picking the top five lenders who give bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. The market of online bad credit lenders is huge, which includes many fake and fraudulent companies. Trying to find a reliable lender can take a lot of unnecessary time and energy. After searching the market and getting rid of fraudulent companies, the five companies we picked are based on many factors. Read on to find more about the best five bad credit loan companies.

What We Looked for in Short Term Loans for Poor Credit:

While picking the top five bad credit lenders, we consider factors such as:

  • Quick Fund Transfers: All the platforms we picked out had quick funding times within 24 hours of loan approval.
  • Annual Percentage Rate and Interest Rate: The APR they offer sets reliable and bad lenders apart. So we only picked companies that offered competitive rates.
  • Credit Score Requirements: All the lenders listed below do not consider credit scores in their eligibility criteria. We picked companies that offered loans based on other factors.
  • Additional Fees or Charges: All the companies listed do not charge any additional fees or charges. Moreover, all of the additional services they offer are free too.

Factors to Consider Before Picking Quick Loans for Bad Credit

Money You Need

The first thing to consider before picking an online lender is how much money is needed. This is dependent on what circumstances you’re in and what type of loan you are getting. For example, lenders might charge you higher fees; therefore, it is important to be sure you can repay the loan on time before getting it.

A basic rule of thumb is that the bigger the amount you need, the longer it will take the lender to provide them, while smaller amounts under $600 can be easily provided. Usually, the interest rate is lower on a smaller amount, so it is easier to pay back.

Loan Terms and Conditions

When applying for any type of loan, you get the choice of picking the repayment dates or schedule. Therefore, you should pick terms and conditions based on your income level and cash flow.

Lenders give detailed loan terms and conditions after you are pre-approved for the loan. Things like APR, loan time, and total amount are all included in these conditions. Therefore, carefully consider these terms and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Interest Rate and APR

Before picking a specific lender, consider all the interesting rates offered and find the best one. APR and Interest rate can be determined by multiple factors like your credit score, the amount needed, repayment time, income level, and much more. For example, a bad credit score or bad credit history usually means a higher interest rate.

Choose the lender that has a set interest rate for the whole duration of the repayment time. If you get a loan with variable interest rates, it can be quite costly in the long run.

Customer Service

Customer service is a critical point when picking a lender who offers bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. While some companies can have great customer service, which is available 24 hours a day and all days of the week, some companies become completely unresponsive once the loan goes through. Instead, pick a platform that helps with processing, problems, refunds, and payments. Using such a platform will save you a lot of time and energy when you have any issues.

Repayment Time

You can usually negotiate with the lender when designing a payment schedule and base it on your financial stability and income level. Lenders can offer a range of repayment schedules depending on the type of loan offered. Additionally, users also choose to pick the payment type, which can be installments or a total amount paid.


A big problem while getting emergency loans for bad credit loans is the penalties and fees charged if you miss a payment date. Therefore, pick a company with flexible payment plans and low penalties even if something goes wrong. As a result, the loan process will be simple, and you can pay off the debt without paying any extra costs or fees.

Other than these factors, make sure that the company you are choosing to work with is reliable and has had experience with similar cases. Finally, consider picking one of the companies above as they offer a wide range of loans and different financial tools. 

FAQs Regarding Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans

Q1. Do You Need a Bank Account to Qualify for a Bad Credit Loan?

When getting a bad credit loan from an online lender, they usually require a bank account number for pre-approval. This usually needs to be under the borrower’s name due to liability purposes and to transfer funds from both parties.

Credit Loan, for example, asks users to give a checking account that is under their name.

Some other eligibility criteria include:

  • Users are required to be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Borrowers need to be permanent U.S. citizens or resident
  • They need to be financially stable and have a minimum monthly income of $1,000
  • A valid work and home address is needed with a working phone number and email address

These are just some of the eligibility criteria that the site requires to approve your loan request. Other third-party lenders can ask for additional information and have extra eligibility criteria for the loans they are offering.

Furthermore, some online lenders need to have a bank account in their name to automatically withdraw re-installments from the account. Therefore, if you do not have the funding to repay the lender on time, you should inform them beforehand.

Q2. How Can You Get a Loan Without Getting Your Credit Score Checked?

If you want to escape your bad credit history while applying for any loan, you must pay the price. This may be in the form of higher interest rates and other charges to secure to compensate for no credit checks.

Here are some of the following things you can do to receive a loan without disclosing your credit history or credit score:

You can get an auto title loan, which makes you put your vehicle up as a form of collateral. If you cannot make repayments, your vehicle will be taken away.

Pawn Shops can provide people with loans with no credit checks. They usually charge a relatively high-Interest rate but give you several loan options. For example, you can apply for a loan by mortgaging anything in your possession while dealing with the pawnshop. If you fail to repay the loan, you will lose the mortgaged item.

Other than this, some online lenders accept no credit check loans as long as the borrower can prove they are financially stable. These lenders are more concerned about financial stability than credit score. In addition, these lenders will charge you large penalties if you cannot repay the loan or are late on repayments.

As hard and impossible it might seem to deal with a bad credit score, you can still get used to it. Most online lenders are ready to give bad credit borrowers loans as long as they have a stable income.

Furthermore, even if you have bad credit, you can hire a financial advisor who can help you improve it. It is not that hard to improve, and with some consistent good financial decisions, you can improve your score in no time.

Q3. What Interest Rates Can I Expect on a Bad Credit Loan?

As a simple rule of thumb, if your FICO score is less than 670, you are considered to be a subprime borrower. If you have a FICO score of under 580, your score is in the ‘very poor’ range.

Each lender sets its own criteria in terms of pricing and loan approvals. This makes it quite difficult to predict what APR or interest rate you will be offered for a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval. Usually, interest rates on a personal loan can range from as low as 5.99% going all the way up to 35.99%

Q4. How Can I Improve My Bad Credit Score or Bad Credit History?

There are a few ways you can improve your bad credit score:

  • It is best if you always go through your free credit report on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Moreover, you must pay all your bills on time and try not to miss any payment dates as it can reflect poorly on your credit score.
  • In addition, you must clear all the installments you have.
  • Also, it is best to avoid any situations that can cause a hard investigation of your credit report.
  • Slowly build up your credit score with wise financial decisions and get financial counseling from professional advisors.
  • The most important thing is to make all your repayments on time and do not default on any of them.

Final Thoughts: Are These Direct Loan Lenders Trustworthy?

Companies that offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval give you the privilege of getting quick funding with less effort and minimal paperwork. The platforms listed above offer the best online loans with bad credit scores.

Online loan platforms like MoneyMutual, Bad Credit Loans, and others are always present to help users decide how much money is needed in any type of situation. Other than this, the platform even helps users with bad credit scores, by improving their credit history. While these sites may not have to be your first pick, you should be aware that they are safe and reliable.

It is important to have all the information you can get before picking a lender. Hence, it is best if you always do your own research before picking the right platform for you, so that you go in assured that you are in safe hands.

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