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Best Psychic Readings: 2022’s Top Accurate Psychic Readers Online

We all often look for advice when we need to make critical decisions or deal with certain life challenges.
By Psychic Central |

We all grew up seeing the fantastical world of magicians and spooky-looking ladies who carry a glass globe and see your future in the orb. As much as we would all love to be a part of something mystical like that, the reality is a bit different. Nowadays, people get their spiritual fix by getting online psychic readings.

Fortune-telling, free psychic readings, and their variety of mysterious baubles (crystal balls, tarot cards, and more) have been loved by people for years, and this fascination has grown even more with the increase in online psychic reading websites. Not to mention, with the prevalence of prophecy and fate in the media we consume, it is clear that fortune-tellers and their talents are far from a thing of the past.

So if you are the adventurous type, looking to venture into the world of the magical and mystical, these platforms might be just the thing for you. With that being said, we move on to the question that really brings you here — which of these services is the best, and how do you pick one that works for you? Luckily for you, we are getting straight into that now.

5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites In 2022

  1. Keen: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform
  2. Kasamba: Most Popular Psychic Reading Site For Free Readings
  3. AskNow: Online Tarot Card Readers For Career Related Questions
  4. Oranum: Legitimate Psychic Readers For Love Readings & Life Guidance
  5. Mysticsense: Psychic Reading Website with Initial Free Minutes

#1. Keen: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform


Well-established Keen has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception in the early aughts. Far from stagnating and depending on name recognition alone, they have constantly kept things fresh, exciting, and up-to-date. For instance, they are consistently working on the fundamentals of their business model, as their website. And as a result of these efforts, Keen is often brought up in the industry and industry-adjacent publications like Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health.

The company is working on features to enable accessibility for visually impaired people who wish to access psychic sites and avail of online psychic services.

As is the industry standard, Keen offers multiple services via phone or chat while also sending readings through the post. Furthermore, they offer more consultants than any other platform, with a roster of over 1,700. And to make sure you find just the right reader — one with the experience and specialization that works best for you — the Keen website provides interactive navigation tools to assist you. These features include a psychic directory and the ability to filter your search based on price, availability, ratings, tarot readings, and more. It also helps that they let you access a comprehensive professional biography of all the consultants, along with information in the filter using psychic mediums.


In the world of online transactions, accessibility should be a central focus. Therefore, once you have gone through their super handy website and picked one of the psychics on their massive roster, you can get to them via chat, email, call, by scheduling sessions, or by using their mobile application. Also, they give individuals opportunities to test and see what works for them by giving away the initial three minutes of an online psychic reading for free. They even go further and offer ten-minute readings for less than two dollars.


  • Established and reliable
  • Readings via chat, phone, and email
  • Unparalleled number of readers
  • Speedy process
  • Great customer reviews
  • Mobile app offered


  • No option for video calling

Customer Reviews

Customers repeatedly bring up how the advice they get here manages to be legit without retreading the old clichéd ground. Furthermore, outside of the standard amenities, the customers greatly appreciated reading related articles guiding clients through the type that might work for them.


If you are looking for the best online psychic reading, Kasamba should definitely be on your radar. In fact, it has been a staple of the scene since 1999. And as a result of the many services it offers, it has grown to over three million subscribers recently. Such services include psychic readings, relationship advice, tarot card readings, dream analysis, and graphology. Moreover, they have around 100 top-ranked professionals from all over the world to provide these services.


Kasamba understands that the majority of these services focus on human connection. Therefore, the people at Kasamba do their best to foster their relationships with their customers. Thus, they offer free advice on choice services to newcomers, and these same first-time customers get their consultation half off. 

Furthermore, you can use three minutes on all your first appointments to figure out what psychic works for you. To facilitate all the features, the company hires numerous readers in the same role, which is greatly appreciated by their clientele.


  • Inexpensive
  • In-depth service catalog accessible
  • Massive roster of consultants
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Only charged based on the time you employ their services


  • Certain services are only available to members
  • Website is not user-friendly

Customer Reviews 

So, what do the Kasamba faithful say about their psychic of choice? First, we noticed how awed all the customers were by the insights they got from the readers. Moreover, customers love how specific the readers are regarding the readings they provide.

Another recurring point was how some users struggled with using the site the first time. However, from what we understand, this misunderstanding stems from them being new to the world of such mysticism.

Aside from this minor hiccup, the feedback is very positive. Users particularly appreciated the variety and availability of counselors in all these fields, along with how affordable every service was.


AskNow is your ideal destination if your main concern is your relationship or your career. Whether love, employment, relationships, or cash is bothering you, they have a consultant for you. Moreover, these readers present the public with more options for their reading to be done.

Additionally, our multilingual readers will be delighted to learn that services are available in both English and Spanish. In addition, AskNow only recruits experts for their readings, and by experts, we mean folks that can not only handle a variety of readings but are also fluent in both languages. This factor has allowed them to carve out their own niche in the industry. 


AskNow takes competitive pricing for new customers to the next level. Even currently, AskNow offers such clients a chance at a session with one of their psychics for a single dollar, which can be a maximum of 30 minutes. Also, if you have minutes leftover from this session, you can use them in any other session. 

Unfortunately, the offer is only available for the first year of your subscription, but that is not even the best part. If your first reader does not work out within the first five minutes, you can pick another one — no questions asked. 

AskNow’s biggest strength, aside from how thoroughly they get their psychics, is the range of price points available to users. And this is not the only offer on the table or the only one that will come around, as their customer support is nothing to sniff at either. So if you are a little unsure about your first online psychic reading, these guys have your back.


  • Background checks performed on each psychic
  • Easily accessible information
  • Services accessible 24/7
  • Available in several languages
  • Expert readers


  • Sorting and filtering are slightly more complex

Customer Reviews

When looking at reviews from AskNow customers, we saw overwhelmingly positive feedback overall. People love the platform for catering to them with many offers, deals, and control over appointments.

Similarly, they were happy with their ability to choose their medium of communication. Clients especially complimented the phone services, which prevent connectivity issues and wasting time and money.

#4. Oranum:  Legitimate Psychic Readers For Love Readings & Life Guidance


With over a decade of experience, Oranum is a hub of spiritual activity, and the company is committed to creating an encouraging atmosphere where you can explore their mystics without feeling exploited. This is why they offer things like free sessions and give users a chance to make special requests.


Oranum understands a core element of the business, which few others do. To take full advantage of such services, you need to feel comfortable with their counselors. So to promote their stories and allow you to get to know them, the company offers free video packages, and their approach has been a hit throughout the industry. There is no surprise there because, in a business like this, customer care is essential. No doubt, the individuals behind Oranum are on to something special.


  • Myriad of free services 
  • Incredibly affordable 
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Offers special requests
  • Unparalleled access to psychics


  • Some of the videos are behind a paywall

Customer Reviews

With all the emphasis on internet security recently, Oranum’s commitment to not becoming your typical customer data-hungry service is a breath of fresh air. They allow their clients to remain anonymous in their sessions, and their reviewers were thrilled with this development. 

Customers also appreciate how the company does away with waiting for an appointment. This output is the main reason why their live video conferencing features have been such a hit. Moreover, they have managed to achieve this without compromising on their accessibility. All their 100+ psychics and services are available at all times. 

As part of their services, they provide readings on dream interpretation, spiritual guidance, astrology, palm reading, and many more. Therefore, customers also focused on how helpful the variety of services was and how happy they were to make special requests to adjust their sessions according to their preferences.

Lastly, like with any other subscription-based business, their subscribers and regulars are very aware of and pleased with the products and services they get for free. They also relish the fact that there is no disparity in quality between paid and unpaid services. Thus, despite not being around as long, the platform’s stock is rising.

#5. Mysticsense: Psychic Reading Website with Initial Free Minutes


Mysticsense defines itself as an advisory platform and acts accordingly. The company has put its entire focus on providing the average person with access to the best counselors the industry has to offer for readings of tarot, astrology, and more. Instead of having applicants and thoroughly vetting them, the company actively seeks out the best in the business. In this business, the quality of your service depends entirely on your readers — and in that, Mysticsense is unbeaten.


The company’s hiring approach allows them certain flexibility other brands lack. For instance, they let you know readers’ specialties, but if you want them to perform another type of reading, they can do so. This request usually happens if clients have worked with a reader before and are comfortable with them but want to explore a new domain. Essentially, as established professionals, they can accommodate you. 

Moreover, you have ample opportunity to get to know the readers before committing to a session. You can read through their professional biographies, look through their reviews, and read their blog entries. Not to mention you can test out numerous counselors before paying for a session. Furthermore, it is one of very few platforms to offer users a search function. This blog is another perk available to all Mysticsense users and allows for a less session-based approach. They are doing everything they can on their end to guarantee your satisfaction, including a money-back guarantee within two days of the unsatisfactory session.


  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Established professional counselors
  • Offers a unique perspective through their blog
  • Affordable
  • Simple registration
  • Researching counselors made easy using the search function


  • Can be overwhelming for first-timers

Customer Reviews

Out of all the entries on our list, this is the one most customers said they would make their home page. Their fascination with the blog is almost certainly a reason for this decision. 

Additionally, as we previously mentioned, customers appreciate being put in charge of their sessions by allowing them the chance to research and experiment as they please. Most clients attest that this approach was crucial to them finding the ideal counselor. 

Lastly, the satisfaction guarantee helped reassure them the platform was as committed to their mystic journey as they were. The rare few customers who recorded their complaints verify that they did indeed get their money back.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Free Psychic Reading

These days, it is pretty unlikely that you regularly deal with any seers, soothsayers, or mediums. So, allow us to brief you on the things you should consider before committing to a session.

Your Goals

Some people call psychics doctors of the soul. And when you take this approach, you must identify where the problems lie and how you want to approach them before you ask for a reading. Therefore, this approach is best to avoid wasting your time. If you are clear in your goals, you can help guide your session and get better results. And more importantly, this way, you are less likely to waste your money. 

You can get multiple readings if you want, as many platforms offer that option. However, be clear by asking your reader first and researching your options.

Do Your Research Before Choosing Any Free Psychic Reading

This element is why we went out of our way to give you a sense of each psychic platform. Similarly, we covered how you can research the psychics on each platform’s roster, allowing you to have a better understanding of the counselor and their methods before you commit to a session. And along with all the sources of information provided, you should probably also check out their social media. It never hurts to be careful, especially when getting life advice.

Client Reviews

Customer reviews are something that brings a brand up or drags it down. These reviews are an essential element of buying any service or product. You can do as much research as you like, but you will not have a complete idea of what the sessions are like unless you consider the experiences of people attending them. These reviews are where you find out whether the reader is rude or considerate, attentive or uninterested, engaged or blustering, and essentially, if they are worth your time or not.

So, choose a brand that has many good reviews and minimum or no bad reviews. Similarly, you can completely remove a brand from your list if you find suspicious reviews.

Remember They Are Also Just People

People turn to the mystic arts for a reason, but there is a reason we have referred to them as counselors through this article and why Mysticsense calls them advisors. They cannot perform miracles. These readers are people with training who will try to help you find a solution or a path in life that is likely to help you out. They promise to provide no more than that. So, it is best to temper your expectations and keep an open mind.

Brand Platform

This element is about company policy and your satisfaction. If they work for a platform known for their exacting standards, they perform better. Similarly, if they work for a platform that listens to their customer’s complaints and dissatisfaction, they are less likely to misbehave. You can find related information on this topic in the features section of our list. If you opt for a website not on our list, be sure to view their details via their “about” section. Check out their customer reviews as well to see if they follow through on their promises. To sum up, the better informed you are, the better your experience will be.

Online vs. Offline Psychics: Why Is It Better to Use Online Psychics? 

In a word, the answer is convenience. You have access to a lot more psychic reading services. On the other hand, if you opt for a psychic reading offline, you are limited to whoever the nearest counselor is, who may not get along with you or may not have the specialty you desire. 

Online platforms allow you to explore more domains of the mystic arts than ever before and get access to psychic readings by phone. You can keep going until you find a method that works for you. Moreover, it is much easier for clients to set up appointments, and they are not restricted by having to travel to them.

Almost all online psychics are on a platform like the ones we have discussed today, making it much easier for them to be held accountable for their performance. Additionally, it is easier to file complaints online. As a whole, it allows the user more control and more convenience. Thus, we strongly encourage this approach rather than wandering through your local market looking for a fortune teller.

FAQs About Psychic Sites

Q1. What can you expect in your first online psychic reading?

Your experience largely depends on the specific domain you choose. But as a rule, you will get to pick a domain and a counselor and set a time and a medium of communication. At this point, you will join the session to clarify what answer you desire, and the reader will do their best to accommodate you using their particular methods.

Q2. Do psychic readings offer genuine advice?

Naturally, people consider online psychic readings untrustworthy. Most people are of the opinion that online psychics are not reliable since there are no physical connections nor any expressional readings.

However, contrary to what we see in horror movies, online psychic readings are absolutely authentic. As we have mentioned in our brand reviews earlier, every reader hired by authentic sites is an expert. They do authentic readings and provide you with satisfactory answers. However, be alert about the kind of reading you choose and the questions you ask.

Q3. How much time can you get for reading?

This issue concerns the platform, reader, topic, and method of reading you choose. The website you pick might have specific rules about how long the session can go or how much it will cost to extend it. Alternatively, they might also provide a way for you to transfer any minutes left over to a new session. 

Furthermore, every counselor will have a different approach. Some of them might prefer small talk and getting to know you before doing your reading, while others will get straight to business. The more information they deem necessary, the longer the session will take.

As far as the topic is concerned, if your choice is broader, it will take longer. However, if you are only interested in your professional success, it will be much shorter. Lastly, some procedures like tarot card reading tend to take less time.

Q4. What type of reading should you get?

The type of reading you should get depends solely upon you. Some people like to know more about their fate, while others want to know more about their day-to-day decisions. In these cases, people get their horoscope or zodiac readings done.

Others are curious about their relationships, and for this purpose, people ask the experts to read love tarots. Moreover, people get their readings done to figure out where their career paths can take them as well.

If you are not included in any of these people, then you can get some suggestions from experts when you talk to them. This will help you realize that you have more options than you knew.

Q5. What are some services most of these platforms provide?

Tarot card readings and fortune telling via palm readings are staples since they are what the customer expects. Similarly, almost all platforms have some focus on astrology. And since the people turning to such platforms often focus on their relationships, love psychics are a constant. It is a simple case of supply and demand. Other commonly seen readings include Kabbalah, Numerology, Graphology, paranormal experience, past-life analysis, and more. 

Q6. Are psychics actually real?

If you expect a haggard old witch telling you that she thinks you will do great things, then no, psychics are not real. However, if you are expecting an experienced professional — someone who will use their knowledge and a couple of educated guesses to guide you to the right path — then psychics are definitely real.

Parting Thoughts: Are These Free Psychic Reading Sites Reliable? 

We hope you found your answers in this informative and academic take on venturing into the mystical world. And whatever site and counselor you choose, we hope you will find the answers you are looking for, and if not, you at least have some fun along the way. We suggest going for platforms such as Keen and Kasamba for their excellent customer service as well as having the most accurate predictions. 

After all, there are much worse ways to waste an hour than going through your past lives. Who knows, you might have been a knight, royalty, or even an assassin. Alternatively, you could look to the future. And if nothing else, you could get a second opinion on a difficult choice. It never hurts to keep an open mind.

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