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9 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services With Free Trials in 2021

No more scratching your head and wondering what random number is calling you.

Receiving phone calls of unknown numbers is almost inevitable. We have all found ourselves glancing at our screen with no idea of who is calling from a random number. This occurs on a daily basis, however, there are several methods to help you identify these unknown callers.

A reverse phone lookup allows you to utilize services that will help you discover the identity of the callers along with their addresses. This way, you can figure out the individual who is calling or messaging you without them knowing. You can identify a scam caller and protect yourself from tangling with a problematic fraudulent.

If online shopping is your go-to form of shopping, a reverse phone lookup may come in handy in this regard as well. It can identify the individual of an online platform.

A reverse phone lookup not only helps you avoid suspicious numbers and their owners, but it could also help you find desirable numbers and their owners. If you are interested in reconnecting with a friend you have lost contact with, a reverse phone lookup gives you the opportunity to find their number and address.

Reverse phone lookup sites range in pricing. Some may be free due to the limited information it will provide you, while others have a fee or monthly payments which give you more in-depth information.

We have compiled a list of reliable, and well-reputed phone lookup sites that you can consider.

Best Free Trials For Reverse Phone Number Lookup by Name

  1. TruthFinder – Most Reliable
  2. Instant Checkmate – Good For Finding Phone Numbers by Name
  3. Intelius – Best Free Trial

#1. TruthFinder – Most Reliable

Courtesy of Identity Pros

TruthFinder takes the first position on our list. It is a top-rated phone lookup service for many reasons. It is a US-based service for inquiring background information about a person using his/her number.

Hundreds and thousands of people have engaged in TruthFinder’s services. It supports features like people search, phone number search, and background check.

It has an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and manages over 9 million queries every month, which is huge. It has been featured in Daily Mail.com, Uproxx, and The Huffington Post.

Since the 2000s, there has been a rise in phone lookup trends. It is easy to think of why paying a lookup service is necessary when there are sources such as Google or royalty-free lookup sites to do it yourself online. However, a source such as Google will not provide you with reliable information relating to a phone number. These types of sources will only deliver the basic information that is not sufficient for your inquiry purpose.

If you are aiming to figure out one’s identity with further information, we advise you to take services of a reputable lookup site, and TruthFinder is the one.

Now, there are many search engines in the market that dig up detailed information for you and charge their fee. This fee may be on the pricier side at times, however, TruthFinder has relatively affordable rates.

Its process is pretty simple. Users visit the official website of Truth, enter a ten-digit number in the search bar, and receive a detailed information report about the owner of the number.

The information report takes some time to process. It may include basic information such as the owner’s complete name, age, residential and job history, email address, family and acquaintances’ links. You may get a detailed background information report containing traffic, criminal, lien, and property records, but it will charge you some money.

Usually, the interfaces of such websites are kept simple so that anyone can operate them.

What to Expect from TruthFinder? 

You are expected to receive details about the following aspects in your TruthFinder’s informative reports. Also, you will have to pay a fee of $2 for downloading this report.

  • Personal Information:  It will contain the number owner’s complete name; first name, last name, and family name.
  • Social Media Details:  This report may contain a list of social media profile details including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Residential Information: The owner’s complete residence history is compiled in the list from his/her previous address to the current address.
  • Background Record: This is an advanced feature that provides deeply researched details about the person. It may include information like licensing, criminal, court, and official details.

You can get a free trial for TruthFinder, then get a membership if you are interested in their services. Membership is provided on a monthly basis of $4.99 per month. The complete membership fee is $30. You can get a premium plan if you are not satisfied with limited basic information.

TruthFinder’s Supremacy

TruthFinder has a loyal customer base, excellent ratings, and feedback due to its incredibly amazing features and services.

  • Mobile Apps: These days it has become a norm for companies to launch mobile compatible applications. TruthFinder is Android and IOS compatible.
  • Valid and Recent Contact Information: Many phone number lookup services end up collecting old contact numbers or addresses when you search by name. Most of the time, these numbers are not even used by the owner anymore. It makes the search process entirely invalid. TruthFinder can win your trust because it contains up-to-date and accurate results.
  • Easy to Use Layout: It has a user-friendly interface. All the information is written clearly on the website that is expected to be understood by every visitor.
  • Most Authentic Reports on The Background Inquiry: Typically, generating a completely accurate background report is challenging for most search engines because it requires immeasurable research and authenticity. TruthFinder is able to meet these challenges and provide you with the best possible background report. They have also built many positive reviews by customers for their services.

Limitations of TruthFinder

But there are certain things that need to be addressed:

  • Membership Requirement: Users are bound to get a membership plan. Either you get a membership for $4.99, or you get to buy the complete membership for $30 on advanced background search. There is no option of receiving a single individual report which may be frustrating for some customers.

#2. Instant Checkmate – Free Trial For $1

Courtesy of Identity Pros

Here comes the third candidate on our list, a San Diego-based company called Instant Checkmate. It has an attractive and easy-to-use interface design. It is a subscription-based search engine that enables users to acquire information about any individual they desire.

All it requires you to do is enter the number in the search bar and wait for the system to generate a report. This report contains basic contact information, criminal history, residence and professional details, etc.

It has an extensive database and gives other search engines a run for their money. It is exceptional in excellent layout and accurate result delivery.

Its database is composed of publicly available details that may include public social media profiles data, pictures, government, and federal sources, etc.

With these impeccable properties, the demand increases, as well as the price. As you should know that Instant Checkmate has higher rates as compared to its peers in the industry.

We love that it provides a $1 free trial. This feature makes it stand out from the crowd. It provides apps for Android and IOS users.

There is a bit of vagueness about some of their features and policies, but the trust of millions of users sets the bar high to ensure its authenticity. It also has the privilege to get an A+ rating from the Business Bureau.  So don’t be worried; it is not a scam or fraud service.

The Plus Points of Instant Checkmate

Following are some highlights of Instant Checkmate:

  • Attractive Interface: A user interface should be designed in a way that any common individual may find it easy to use and navigate through the website. It came to our attention that they created an effortless user experience which makes it very convenient. Its application is also compatible with Apple and Android’s operating systems.
  • Sizeable Results in A Single Search: Instant Checkmate’s system provides huge, detailed information rapidly within a single search.
  • Accurate Results: They generate comprehensive background inquiry results and dig up criminal records information impressively. The results are always proven to be valid and reliable.
  • Attentive Customer Support Service: Their customer support representatives are accessible for you at any hour. You can approach them through social media, email, or contact number. Apart from that, their FAQ section is pretty informative. It provides useful information that should get all your queries cleared.
  • Personal Record Removal: Instant Checkmate protects your privacy. If you are uncomfortable with the availability of your information on the company’s database, you can request to get it removed. You will have to perform a step-by-step procedure, and all the information will be deleted.

Limitations of Instant Checkmate

Here are some properties of Instant Checkmate that we believe need improvement:

  • Vague Pricing Info: There is not enough crystal-clear information about monetary expenses and charges on the official website. A more detailed and transparent approach is needed from them at this point.
  • High Subscription Rates: As we mentioned earlier, it is a subscription-based service. It has higher rates as compared to the conventional market. The site’s bonus features also charge additional money.
  • Speed: Their service takes a while to generate and present the report, especially when generating multiple reports.

#3. Intelius – Free Trial for 5 Days

Courtesy of Identity Pros

Intelius is a highly competent public information provider that allows users to access information about a stalker, lost friend, neighbor, business, etc. This process is navigated safely and securely. Intelius has positive feedback on its features and results, verifying that it generates accurate and reliable reports.

Intelius is one of the oldest lookup applications in the market as it came into the scene in 2003. Intelius provides you a massive advantage of affordable subscription rates as compared to other competitive lookup services. It is a legitimate service, having Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) rating which boosts its credibility.

One thing we found a little questionable is there are no clear pricing options available on the website. The vagueness is a little off-putting.

Intelius enables you to search by name, phone number, and address. You are supposed to enter a ten-figure phone number into the search bar and wait for the output.

After performing this action, you are expected to get a report with the number owner’s complete name, age, family members’ details, current and past residential history, and so on.

The additional and in-depth searches may provide information like background details and property records. This information will be offered to premium users only. You can receive basic information with zero charges.

No matter if you enter a landline, mobile, or business number, Intelius will fetch all data associated with it.

Another great attribute is their interactive and supportive customer service. You can get in touch with them on phone-line service or send them an email regarding your queries. They will get back to you in no time.

Intelius’s application is compatible with IOS and Android.

Limitations of Intelius: There is an ambiguity about pricing and trial offers, which is strange. You will be presented to see the complete bill after completing the search process. Some users have claimed that they did not receive the results as accurately as the company advertises.

#4. Spokeo – Established Company

Spokeo has been in the business since 2006 but truly came into the picture in 2008. Since then, this people intelligence company has progressed and grabbed the attention of valuable clients. They handle 20 million-plus visitors every month now.

Spokeo assists you in searching by name, contact number, location, and email address. You can take Spokeo’s service to discover an unwanted unknown caller’s identity or reconnect with a lost friend or loved one again.

Spokeo provides information reports by collecting data through online and offline bases and managing more than 12 million data records. This information report contains basic contact information, pictures, social media handles, residential history, criminal record, family members’ details, salary, and property data.

Limitations of Spokeo: An only off-putting attribute is their prices. As mentioned above, a single report costs $49.95.

You can check out their subscription plans as they are pretty affordable.

#5. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is a new company as compared to its contemporaries. It was established in 2017, but the founders have vast experience of more than two decades. Pay attention to the fact that it is free and has garnered a considerably decent customer base.

You are not required to get any registration or subscription plan to use their services. You can search any US-based number for free on their portal.

All you have to do is put an individual’s phone number, name, or email address in the search bar and wait for the results. The system will fetch the available data and present it to you.

This information may include a person’s name, social media details, email address, and location, etc. It is pretty straightforward.

It receives traffic from millions of users every month and has an impactful visibility and social media presence. As claimed by them, TruePeopleSearch is the most liked lookup service on Facebook.

After being launched in the market, TruePeopleSearch started getting severe criticism from the masses due to privacy concerns. People found it alarming that their information is being broadcasted to strangers over the internet, even though the report consists of publicly available information.

TruePeopleSearch has made it clear in their ‘About Us’ section that their project’s main objective is to reconnect friends and family members.

They provide the option of personal information records removal. People are enabled to visit the official TruePeopleSearch site and perform the procedure to delete their credentials. Within a few days, their record gets removed from the database.

Limitations of TruePeopleSearch: TruePeopleSearch’s application is desktop and mobile phone compatible but, there is no IOS version. Another thing is, they do not provide all-inclusive reports like many other lookup services do.

#6. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a well-reputed free phone lookup application. It is completely legal and does not require you to get a membership before beginning your search. It has decent reviews and has been featured on WikiHow, Fox News, and Men’s Journal.

You can search results by name, phone number, email, and address. After entering the owner’s number in the search bar, the system will fetch general contact information and pictures and present them to you.

It boasts a gigantic record of phone numbers that are never expected to be found on online directories or phone books.

They claim to provide information about non-published numbers on their official website. You get to make ten free phone number searches per day.

Another innovative feature of the Spy Dialer is that it plays the voicemail if the number has one.

Spy Dialer’s premium plan charges you $10 a year, and it allows you to make 100 spy searches in a year.

Limitations of Spy Dialers: Their services are only applicable in the United States. Otherwise, you will be charged for fully detailed informative reports.

#7. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is proving to be a leading player in the phone numbers lookup market. We admire websites with eye-catching designs and easy-to-use layouts, and ZabaSearch’s official website is a blueprint of that. It is an SSL encrypted and easy-to-use search engine that provides basic public information to its customers.

ZabaSearch provides a fast and stress-free way to reconnect with a lost acquaintance or find out the identity of a possible stalker. You are supposed to enter the number into the search box; the system will match the number with its database records and compile a valid information report which will then be presented to you.

This report may contain basic contact information, job history, family members’ details, criminal, traffic, property, and lien records of the number’s owner. Besides phone lookup, it supports name, address, and email lookup as well.

ZabaSearch has a user-friendly interface, provides timely results, and has the trust of millions of customers. It has managed to grab significantly positive reviews and ratings from users. As a novice customer, if you have some doubts, you can scroll down on their website and read the testimonials from users who actually experienced ZabaSearch’s service.

Having an extensive database, you can dig up information about people born about 7-8 decades ago. This site puts great effort into providing accurate and detail-oriented results. The process is secure, so you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns.

Limitations of ZabaSearch: Like many other sites, you will have to pay for a thorough report. Their phone search service was entirely free before, but it is semi-premium now.

#8. ZoSearch

ZoSearch is another search engine for discovering public information about anyone you want. It is an entirely free reverse phone lookup site that provides you information about any US-based mobile or landline number while protecting your privacy.

The information report may contain the number owner’s complete name; social media account details, current, and past residential addresses, family members’ data, email, and other contact numbers under his/her use. All of these details are compiled in this informative report that you receive.

Their website has an easy-to-use interface, as anyone with no prior experience with such a service can use their services. You can visit the website, put the number in the search bar, and instantly receive an information report.

Apart from that, you can also search by name, address, and email. Your system won’t get infected with viruses as most of the time happens after visiting such sites. ZoSearch manages a substantial number of visitors every month that is enough to prove its credibility.

Limitations of ZoSearch: Despite having a huge customer base, the company has not launched a mobile app yet, which is a minor drawback. Even though their phone lookup services are free, customers are bound to pay for deeply detailed reports.

#9. White Pages

The journey of White Pages started back in 1997. It manages approximately 35 million people every month. It has been featured on New York Times, Forbes, NBC, and the USA today.

White Pages service contains a sizable database of US locals’ contact information, coming as a valuable directory service in the market.

If you are tired of unwanted calls from a stranger, you can discover his/her identity with White Pages’ service. All you have to do is visit their website and enter the number in the search box.

If you enter a landline number, you will receive free basic contact information such as the name, location, family, and business details of the number’s owner.

On the other hand, if you enter a cell phone number, the information will be limited to mobile carriers, city and state information only. For a detailed report, you will have to access White Pages’ premium package.

They provide background records and criminal information that is quite helpful in fraud detection. It also helps businesses to connect with more potential clients.

Limitations of White Pages: The service is a bit expensive. It charges $29 per month on informative reports and $18.95 on additional inspection.

Conclusion: How Reliable Are Free Phone Number Lookup Services?

There is no guarantee that the information found by the information-providing search engines is always going to be accurate. There might be false information at times.

Also, there are mixed reviews about these free phone number lookup services. Many people find them intrusive. At times, they insist on getting their personal information removed from these websites.

Every lookup service provider has a motive of its own, but most of them have claimed that their services are positively dedicated to reconnecting lost and distant loved ones.

We will never advise you to misuse anyone’s personal information and start harassing them in the name of fun.

If the purpose is genuine, these sites will do no harm to society.

Before using and forming an opinion about a company’s services, you must do your active research and use only credible websites.

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