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Best Credit Repair Companies and Services of 2021

A weak credit report can produce a negative impact if you apply for a loan, job, or wanting to rent an apartment.
By Blue Ribbon Group |

You can involve credit repair companies to work on your behalf. These organizations get in touch with your credit bureaus to improve the credit score after collecting your credit history.

Top 3 Credit Repair Services:

  1. Credit Saint – Best Results Overall
  2. The Credit People – Best Guarantee
  3. – Best Website Interface

Why Should You Work with A Credit Repair Company?

Credit bureaus or creditors keep track of all your payment history and score in a credit report. Your credit report’s score defines your credit credibility.

There might be various factors that negatively affect your credit score, as:

  • If you have a track record of paying your bills late
  • If too much money is borrowed
  • When you have fallen prey to bankruptcy
  • Identity theft/fraud

All these matters might be responsible for your decreased creditworthiness. Sometimes such events may occur and make an entry on your credit report by mistake.

A low credit score will not let you win the trust. You might end up missing the chance to grab that apartment’s keys you had your eyes on. You might also be compelled to pay high interest on loans, or your loan application can be rejected altogether.

The process is a bit daunting, but you can reach out to your credit bureaus and have a discussion about fixing the score as such things harm your financial reputation. In case you don’t have the will or time, you can involve a third party, typically known as Credit repair companies.

These organizations will work on your behalf by collecting all your payment data and history and charge their fee from you. They will get in touch with your creditors to negotiate the credit score and remove the negative remarks. Hence, they actively work towards improving or repairing your credit score.

If you have decided to get help from a credit repair company, you should better go with the best in business. We have got you covered. This article will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the three best credit repair companies that might benefit you.

So? Let’s get into it.

Here are the complete reviews of three top-rated and competitive credit repair companies in the business:

Best Credit Repair Companies

#1. Credit SaintBest Results Overall

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

Credit Saint has enjoyed the top-rated position, grabbing possibly the best reviews and facilitating thousands of clients by delivering impeccable results.

They excel in removing negative records such as Delayed payments, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and repossessions.

Once you approach the company, they will set you up with a professional credit analyst to discuss your credit report. They will guide you about enhancing the positive score, identifying and repairing the items that are damaging your overall credit score.

This initial consultation is free of cost, and you will be charged no fee until you are satisfied with their services and decide to work with them.

This company works strictly on a 90-day money-back guarantee scheme. If you do not observe significant negative entities’ removal from the credit report, you can back off with a full refund.

Here is a summarized working structure of the company. Get an insight:


Firstly, finalize the registration process with a simple sign-up form. Then, you will have to submit your credentials, and then you will receive an email from the company shortly.


Credit Saint provides three pricing packages. The service charges of the first package, Credit polish, are $79.99. The second is a credit remodel that is worth $99.99. And lastly, the Clean Slate is for $119.99.

You will have to submit an initial fee of $99 in Credit polish and credit remodel. And $195 initial charges for a Clean slate.

Working Model

After receiving your complete credit history, Credit Saint will thoroughly analyze it and start making valuable moves by providing you a full-fledged plan. The organization navigates its working process in a 45-day cycle.

After each cycle, you are likely to receive three credit reports in detail. You can analyze overall progress and review if any positive changes are being implemented and negative items got removed. They also work towards solving your dispute with the creditors if you claim to have inaccurate payment information on your credit report.


All three tiers of services are committed to delivering the required results. The first tier Credit polish, as the name suggests, will help you resolve issues of identity theft, late monetary submissions and payments, and any unsatisfactory remarks on your credit report. It will help you enhance the already positive score as well, hence polishes the credit score.

Credit Remodel offers similar services with handling bankruptcy complications also. It reconstructs your credit report in a way that all the matters that are causing troubles for you will no longer be present.

And finally, the Clean slate provides all-in-one services with a highly strategic scheme and a complete credit report cleanse.

Reviews and Ratings

Credit Saint has been proven as a highly competitive and eligible player in credit repairing. It has been enjoying the top-rated position by grabbing notable reviews and feedback from its users since 2017. Better Business Bureau granted an A+ for delivering an impressive performance to Credit Saint.

Full Refund

You are allowed to ask for a complete refund if you do not observe any potential progress happening with the credit report. Any skeptical folks over here, who are contemplating about spending your money or not, this might interest you.

Easily Approachable

Their customer service is always available to entertain your messages and queries online.


#2. The Credit People – Best Guarantee

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

The Credit People is another well-known organization in the field of credit repair.

This company acquires your credentials, complete payment data, and credit history when you decide to move forward with them.

They handle your financial problems by refining the credit score, identifying the factors that damage your report, and actively improving the complete picture.

The Credit People tend to showcase the complete results in a minimum of 60 days. They provide you free of cost access to your reports.

The best thing about their system is that their website is interactive. Clients can have live business interactions with their highly qualified team members.

You can access your account and review your credit score results at any given time on their online portal and analyze what investors and credit bureaus are seeing.


You can either sign up with a simple registration form or call them at the given contact number, and they will help you follow the further steps conveniently.


The Credit People provide a $19 worth seven-day trial that allows you to review the service before you finally decide to let them handle your credits.

The actual monthly charges are $79.


The Credit People guarantee to boost your credit score by an estimated 53-187 points. They have experience handling and removing 1,493,678 issues on their credits.

Convenient Access

They have an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. After membership registration and paying the charges, Credit People will set up your account on their online portal.

You can access your account anytime, quickly, and see the changes being made towards your credit report from there without any ambiguity.

This one is an outstanding feature as you see the actual live reports, not a curated summary. They will also keep on sending you regular emails about updates.

Features and Services

The Credit People handle credit reports by optimizing your overall credit score.

They improve the credit score by communicating to your credit bureaus, fix the negative point, and get the incorrect points removed that have been added mistakenly.

Their detailed services include disputing identity theft, bankruptcy, charge-offs, late monetary payments, student loans, etc.


They have a reliable money-back guarantee scheme. If you are not finding their working procedure satisfactory, you can get a refund anytime you want within a timeframe of the first six months.

Customer Service

Your online queries are entertained within 24 hours. You can approach them through email and the website’s portal as well. Their customer support team is very cooperative and always willing to help.

#3. – Best Website Interface

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group is another agency dedicated to improving and repairing your credit matters. They have the credits of removing 1,800,000 negative items from the client’s possessions since 2012.

After registration, you will be asked about your credit history and complete a report to start analyzing. The company will indicate the points destroying your credit report and develop a calculated strategy to handle this situation.

They will guide you and present a full-fledged optimization plan on how you should boost your credit rating. After getting their experienced insight, it is up to you to decide. If you want to go with them or go with the flow?

You can consult them to work with you to contact your lenders and credit bureaus to pull off the invalid and false information, including charge-offs and foreclosures, etc. That has been causing you trouble unfairly.


You can either contact them through the official website,, or call for better insight or register yourself directly from the sign-up form. If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can take help from their customer support team. They will help you with the necessary information.


They have the pricing starting from $99.95.

Features works actively to improve your credit score by directly approaching your investors and credit lenders. They work towards refining your credit report’s health, diminishing the damaging pointers, and improving the credit report’s overall condition.

They get in touch with creditors to remove and fix the false information that has been mistakenly added to your report. They keep a regular and continual check on your credits. And anytime a problem arises, their active team professionals will be present in no time to rescue.

Tools will continuously keep you updated about your credit score’s progress through several mediums. Their team will provide you a score tracker, personalized dashboard, a mobile app, updates through texts and Emails.


The company comes with three action plans. You can select any one depending on your budget and requirements.

The Basic Plan: The first one is plan Basic. This is suitable for people who are looking for a few negative items to get removed.

The Moderate Plan: The second plan is named Moderate. As the name suggests, customers with little more negative items than Basic are suggested to go with this option.

The Aggressive Plan: The final plan is Aggressive. It comes with advanced strategies to handle your sizable negative entities.


You can cancel at any time as they provide a month-to-month service, which is very convenient.

Guarantee is a company that will charge you once you have spent a whole working month with them. In this time, you will undoubtedly be able to establish an idea about their potential and expertise. You can then decide whether or not to let them handle your matters. So, your money is safe as you get time to decide.

Customer Service provides excellent customer service options. They handle their clients through phone, email, and chat.


So, these are the three Best Credit Repairing Companies in the game. It is debatable because most people point out the fact that the Credit Repair Companies handle the matters without their help, which is true.

However, you can handle these monetary issues on your own as well, but it is pretty time-consuming and full of hassle. So, it is better to consult a professional company because they know their game.

Moreover, it will grant you some confidence when you have an official company for your support, and it is beneficial for your financial backing as well. It is totally up to you. You can select any credit repair company that aligns with your requirements.

Also, most of them demand money after getting you convinced. Once you are satisfied with their strategies and plans, only then are you obliged to pay the fee. Fair enough, right?

So, play safe, do your research, and do not fret!!

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

48% of respondents that use repair services in 6 months have seen 100% increase points to their credit score. More than 67% are satisfied with the credit repair companies. It shows that it can have a significant impact.

Different companies start to work differently, but the initial step is to request a copy of your credit report. Three major consumer credit bureaus do it.

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

The credit repair company then looks for negative entries and begins the process of dispute and negotiation, and the company will look for:

Now they will negotiate with the credit bureaus to remove the negative entries from your credit, and the process of repair starts. After the negotiation, the credit bureaus have almost 30 days for the investigation of their own. It is done to be sure that the negative entries are accurate or not.

This phase comprises of these steps:

  1. Validation: request is sent to validate the information taken from the client
  2. Dispute letter: a letter to dispute incorrect negative entries or remarks
  3. A letter to a debt collector (the traditional cease and desist letter)

In 30 days of investigation, the bureaus may remove all negative entries or maybe a few of them. It will eventually improve and increase your score. However, this part of the investigation is a bit tricky and temporary.

If the reports’ entries are accurate and proved to be negative, they will be back on your report. Credit bureaus can also determine a dispute as trivial and don’t take the case to the investigation.

The credit repair company also recommends you apply for new accounts, which help add positive remarks to your report. It isn’t considered a great idea if you are unable to manage your credits in the past.

Each company has its various charges and pay rates, but the companies have to follow a rule. Credit repair companies cannot request or receive payment until they complete and deliver their promised work.

The rate varies from 35$ to 750$. You might have to pay for a single time in the end, or you can also pay for a derogatory mark if everything your negative report gets removed.

Credit repair companies also charge every month, which ranges from 50$ to 130$.

The payment also includes how many negative items are needed. The less harmful things are likely better off applying any fee to pay down debt and delete any mistake in your report.

What Do Credit Repair Services Do?

When a third party known as a credit repair organization or service tries to get information removed from your credit reports and in exchange, they demand the payment is known as credit repair.

These organizations function to help people improve their credit reports. It is a legal service that comes at the federal level in almost every state.

The company understands the trade and the laws related to credit repairs. Their service and experience are effective enough to dispute the negative information for you.

The best companies provide the services of:

  • Bureau Dealing – They go through the whole report and dispute the incorrect papers.
  • Creditors stepping in– To ensure that the documents are correct, they bargain with creditors.
  • Inquiry Aid– They check if all challenging inquiries are credible, eliminate those that are not.
  • Cease & Desist Letters –To get debt collectors to follow the law and avoid hassling, you use C&D letters.

One thing should be made clear that credit may sometimes improve the bad score but not always. If your report shows accurate negative entries, the credit repair company cannot help in any means. The company cannot remove it legally. Instead, you have to create your credit again then contacting the repair company and repairing it.

Sometimes the errors or mistakes are so numerous that according to the study, one in five users has negative entries on at least one of the three credit reports from three bureaus. The research also indicates that 1 out of 4 customers had made mistakes that could affect their credit score adversely.

Howard Shelanski, Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Economics, says, “For American consumers, these are eye-opening figures. The findings of this first-of-its-kind research make it clear that customers should periodically review their credit reports. If they do not, they might put their pocketbooks at risk.

A comprehensive program should include resources which include the following:

  • 3-Monitoring of Bureau Credit
  • Defense against fraud and warnings
  • Tracking the score and warnings
  • Scoring Simulators
  • Housing counseling and referral by mortgage lenders
  • Insurance against ID theft
  • Coaching and education in financial terms

How Effective Are Credit Repair Services?

A credit company can benefit you by removing negative entries from your report, which improves your credit score and makes it easy to obtain a loan, property, home, mortgage, rent, and insurance.

Few points to keep in mind are:

  • No company can improve the score to 100 points and more.
  • There isn’t any guarantee that even your lousy score will improve.
  • Don’t trust or fall for such companies who give 100% guarantees.
  • If you approach a credit repair company that cannot provide their promised result, make sure they offer the money back.

For credit repair services, it is illegal to lie about their results, services, and experience. There are several requirements and questions the company has to answer.

Such as:

  1. A written contract that explains all the rights and legal service
  2. Cancellation within three days without charging anything
  3. Receiving payment after the completion of promised work.

If the company doesn’t fulfill these requirements, then there is something wrong. Be careful.

Tips for Working with Credit Repair Agencies

If you plan to get your credit repaired, here are few essential tips that you must keep in mind and follow to succeed.

Beware of Scams and Frauds

Scams and frauds are rampant all over the digital world we live in. Almost every enterprise is the worst victim of these impending threats, particularly associated with credit repair agencies.

Whether on a small or large scale, financial matters have become so prone to scams that everybody is awfully scared of being deceived, even by the so-called trustworthy companies. Therefore, you have to constantly stay on the alert and vigilant to safeguard your credit scores.

The focal point of consideration of this article is to search and seek ways to get rid of the scams relating to credit repair agencies.

Let us understand the credit repair concept before discussing how to escape the scams concerning credit repair agencies.

Credit repair cleans consumer’s credit reports and records by removing any false or incorrect negative transactions. Credit repair Organizations or credit Services Agencies offer their services on payment, and the consumers buy them to improve their credits happily but carelessly.

You need not engage any credit repair companies’ services if you personally keep yourself well aware of your credit history, transactions, and latest updates. If you find anything wrong with your credit, go ahead to dispute immediately and correct it then and there without any hesitation.

This practice will not only make you confident but also you can save money that you have to pay on account of fees to the credit repair companies.

Keep the most important fact in your mind that all the credit repair organizations’ claims may not be true to the fact. They may give false statements to prove their credibility and credentials.

Even if you have been trapped by the alluring claims of any fraudulent credit repair organization or have fallen prey to any scam, you can make a complaint to the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau.

The credit reporting companies are bound to follow specific rules prescribed by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). You can take advantage of these rules in your favor.

Some of them are as under:

  • The Credit Repair Companies sign a written contract in which the consumer’s rights are laid down with clarity. The services that the credit repair companies are liable to provide to the consumers are mentioned with absolute coherence.
  • The contract gives you the right to cancel the agreement within three days of commencement without any reason.
  • The Credit repair companies are duty-bound to provide the services they have promised in the contract before charging any fees.
  • The fulfillment of all the terms and conditions of the agreement without any excuse would be tangible proof of the credit repair company’s credibility. If the company fails to fulfill any of the requirements, it is evidence of the company’s falsehood and dishonesty.

Keep on Checking Your Credit Reports Off and On

You must have first-hand knowledge about your credit reports. Any intentional or unintentional negligence or carelessness towards your credit reports can cause you an irreparable monetary loss.

Even if you are too late to check your report, it is still not too late if you check it right away. You have easy access to the most reliable agency known as the Federal Trade Commission (Free Commission Report) FRTC.

FTC gateway ensures you authenticated reports. See-through the report of your account and note carefully whether there is anything false, inaccurate, or incorrect in it.

It is a free-of-cost facility that you can avail of at your convenience.

Do Not Put Off till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

Delaying knowing your credit would be a blunder on your part. If your credit report reflects something alarming about your credit reports, get them corrected with immediate effect.

Getting along with negative reports for a long time will not be a good omen for your financial career.  The sooner, the better.

Do Not Ignore Credit Education

You can avoid many complications regarding your credit report if you are well informed about the essentials of credit report records which include the following factors:

  • Removing any incorrect information from the credit report if it is added wrongly.
  • Adding the correct information if it is left out or missing in your credit report.
  • Reducing debt or forging a new financial strategy.
  • Knowing how to dispute any fake or false information.
  • Knowing how to reduce high-interest credit card debt before installment loans.

Adopt Documentation Process

You cannot dispute, rectify, include or exclude anything concerning your credit report unless you have precise and proper documentation. You can protect your rights only by dint of proper documentation.

Only the documentary proofs can save you from any embarrassment. Your credit increase and penalty decrease all depend on the documentation. Proper documentation is the ready reference that you can present at the time of need.

Do Not Make Unjustified or Absurd Disputes

Some notorious credit repair organizations are accustomed to making false disputes with the hope of getting something, with the view that getting something is better than nothing.

In this way, you gain nothing except making a fool of yourself. It will not reflect upon your credit report any positive and healthy impact.

Making Online Disputes Will Not Be Effective

Although making online disputes is acceptable, yet they are not practicable and effective. These systems may deprive you of your legitimate rights.

You cannot produce tangible proofs in favor of your rightful claims. Putting forth disputes physically with hard copies along with proofs is much more effective than making online disputes.

Do Not Use Bombastic Language While Claiming Disputes

Your language should be simple, easy, and comprehensible. You must be simple, courteous, and gentle in using words. Everyday language should preferably be used. Your own vocabulary is more appreciable than any borrowed one.

Don’t Cancel Credit Card Accounts

It would not be wise to cancel credit card accounts because credit history is always an important factor.  A small balance is enough to keep the account active. Always make your credit score and history reliable.

Don’t Be Hasty in Applying for A New Credit Card

Defer the plan to apply for the new credit card until your credit history is repaired, and your credit gets better.

Do Not Pay the Debt Collectors Blindly

Paying debt collectors thoughtlessly can be damaging for you. Beware of debt collectors’ cunning acts of plundering you. Get the necessary proofs before making any payment. Paying them without getting an acknowledgment receipt will be risky for you.

Do Not Engage with The Services of a Deceitful Credit Repair Company

Only a well-reputed credit repair company can improve the deficiencies of your credit score. Better to hire a reputable credit repair company than hiring a notorious one.

Do Not Declare Yourself as Bankrupt for Nothing

Some people plan to start afresh by repairing their credit on account of bankruptcy. They must understand that bankruptcy cannot improve credit rating. Instead, in the future, it can stigmatize your credit history.

Know What Credit Repair Companies Can & Can’t Do

People commonly misunderstand that credit repair companies have the ability to reverse all the adverse effects your credit history has once suffered. It is a misconception.

You yourself will have to make efforts to save your credit history or at least try to save your credit score from becoming aggravated.

What is a must for you to do is:

Making Payments of the Bills Well in Time

An unnecessary delay in bill payments can spoil your reputation and ultimately affect your credit score badly. Do not put off the payments for more than 15 days under unavoidable circumstances. You can put reminders for each bill and try to pay the bills as soon as you get the notifications.

Stop Frequently Applying for Loans

It would be highly unpleasant to apply for loans frequently, whatever the reasons may be. It would leave a wrong impression on your score.

FAQ’s About Credit Companies

How Long Does It Take for the Credit Repair Companies to Repair Your Credit?

Repairing your credit is a gradual process. It can’t be done overnight. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 months, but it may take up to 12 months if any complications arise.

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams?

If a company asks for some fee upfront or does not communicate efficiently, it means that it is not legitimate. You must be aware of such things in order to avoid scams.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Get Items Removed?

Credit repair companies use tactics like credit report disputes, goodwill letters, or debt validation to remove negative information from your credit report.

Conclusion: Do The Credit Repair Companies Work?

Credit repair companies can help improve your credit history and score if you deal with them carefully and consciously.

The tips mentioned in the article are highly thought-provoking and helpful. Keeping them in view, you can benefit from the services of the credit repair companies without getting scammed.

You must benefit yourself from the services of the credit repair companies instead of being deceived by them. You can save a lot of time and energy by hiring companies instead of mishandling your credit score by yourself.

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