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“cbdMD” Review: The Best Products to Buy in 2021

Plus, the pros and cons.

cbdMD is a company that wants to do right by the consumers they serve. They offer products of high quality and high innovation.

They use state of the art processes for extracting the hemp oils and terpenes and use only the best leaves and plants for such a process. It is non-GMO, grown in the States, and makes you feel great when buying and using the product.

So, grab a glass of water or tea and read our cbdMD review- we will tell you all you need to know about this great brand and why they are one of the best around for your CBD needs, whether you want an oral or topical method of intake.

cbdMD: Brand Overview

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

Situated in the humid zone of Charlotte, NC, and also with an office in the mild temps of Northern Ireland, cbdMD seeks to bring customers the best CBD ever consumed. They want the world to experience all the good things CBD can do for them.

The brand takes care to follow industry standards, ensuring manufacturing procedures are current and healthy. They take good care to adhere to and exceed industry manufacturing procedures so that their CBD is clean, pure, and free of harmful additives.

They use their expertise in creating basic CBD products such as tinctures to create safe but fun products like bath bombs for clientele to enjoy.

CBD Source

cbdMD makes uses of organic and non-GMO hemp. The hemp is vegan and comes from the great state of Kentucky, known for its rural farm zones.

They did not choose Kentucky out of convenience- instead, the leaders behind the brand explored areas in three continents, over a dozen different countries, and eight states in the USA before choosing the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky is a warm place with soil and a climate that can’t be beaten. The water is always flowing, as the Mississippi River, along with the Ohio River are situated on either side of the state.

The farmers can grow all year long and use technology to watch over their crops closely. Soil is regularly tested for quality, and leaves are visually inspected to ensure the plant’s growth and health.

After harvesting the hemp, the broad-spectrum extraction process is started, leaving the growers with the purest CBD oil ever.

The process starts with a CBD isolate. It contains 99% CBD. Then it is blended into a hemp extract that contains amino acids, CBG and CBDV, and terpenes plus essential oils. These are cannabinoids, and each one has its own benefit.

Why is this? Well, it’s called the “entourage effect.” The person who ends up taking the CBD gets to experience all the great things that happen when our body takes in cannabis. Each of these cannabinoids plays a part, which is why it’s good the blend has them.

You may wonder why broad-spectrum is good as compared to full-spectrum CBD oils. The biggest issue is the THC that full-spectrum oils contain. The amount of THC, or psychoactive part of cannabis, is small and will not lead the consumer to a “high.” However, it could lead to a positive on a drug test.

So, broad-spectrum is excellent- those of us that need to perform a drug test for an employer or sporting event can still get relief with no fear of a false positive. ALL THC gets removed, but the good stuff still remains.

Lab Tests

No matter where you end up getting your CBD, promise yourself this: you will buy from a place with lab test results displayed conspicuously on their website.

Good brands do this without being asked.

This is how cbdMD operates. Their third-party lab test results are displayed for every single product, and they are easy to view and read. Click here to visit their website and see the results. Enter the product’s batch number, and you can take a quick look at the COA (certificate of analysis).

Shipping & Return Policy

You will get your shipment within 3-7 days after buying and paying for your order if you are a US-based customer. You may opt to upgrade your shipping if you would like- you can do Select or UPS GROUND. However, that’s going to cost you extra.

Shipping is free otherwise. As they are a small operation focused on quality, we do find that the process is slower compared to huge companies.

For example, order processing takes anywhere from 2-5 days, then you have to wait for the actual shipment to come, which can be that 3-7-day timeframe we mentioned.

It is all done via UPS, which we know has been under stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

That being said, returns are quite easy and hassle-free. The company gives buyers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Don’t feel happy with the product? Contact customer service, and you will be helped, whether that is a product replacement, refund, or something else.

Return labels will be emailed if you need to send something back, and refunds are pretty fast- just 3-5 days after they get your return.

If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can call. 1-800-973-3984 is the number, and the help is pretty friendly.

cbdMD: Pros & Cons

Even though we found cbdMD to be an excellent company, it is important to discuss the good and the bad.

Here are our pros and cons: 


  • Shipping is totally free
  • Military and disabled customers get discounts
  • Offers both oral and topical solutions for relief
  • All hemp is grown in the USA.


  • No ship to outside the USA
  • No option for full-spectrum CBD
  • The brand is one of the more expensive ones we researched

cbdMD Product Reviews

You can tell cbdMD did their homework about what buyers want when it comes to cannabidiol. They give customers what they want and then figure out ways to exceed their expectations, too.

You will find the classics: gummies, tinctures, topicals. Then go a little deeper, and you find fun stuff like bath bombs. The latter are wonderful because they are small treats everyone can afford and enjoy, plus gain wellness from.

So, that’s what we will do next: examine the products cbdMD clientele liked best and tell you what you can expect from each one.

1.   cbdMD: CBD Gummies

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

Do you:

  • Want a portable option for CBD?
  • Want to carry your CBD in your pocket or backpack easily?
  • Want a treat that tastes good but is good for you?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, cbdMD’s gummies sound like the ideal way of getting your CBD. They are easy to store and can be used at work or school without drawing attention to yourself.

Our team reviewed the 300mg version, but you should be warned that there are varying strengths of gummies, all with positive reviews.

The flavors come in strawberry, tropical, raspberry, and orange. The gummies are vegan, also.


Aside from the CBD contained in this gummy, here are some other great and beneficial ingredients you can expect.

Pectin– This is mostly a gelling agent in jams and jellies. It may also be used in milk and fruit juices as a stabilizer. It is proven to have effects such as lowering the lipids and cholesterol levels in the body, among other benefits.

Organic carnauba wax– This comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm and is used in gummy candies and foods.

Organic Sunflower Oil– Sunflower oil lowers serum cholesterol, LDL-C, and concentrations of triglycerides.

Organic Cane Sugar- While sugar is not ideal in large quantities, natural cane sugar is found around the world as a source of carbohydrates.

Click here to learn more about the Ingredients in cbdMD’s Gummies on their website.

Customer Reviews

“I have tried a few different CBD brands, at the urging of my doctor as medical marijuana was not legal at the time, most tasted of pure sugar or had a medicine aftertaste. This brand doesn’t taste like pure sugar. It does have a slight aftertaste, but it’s tolerable and easily washed away by a drink.”- Alison

“Love these. My mood has been better lately, calmer, but happier. Will purchase again when I run out!” – Kat

Should You Buy It?

Our answer is, yes! CBD gummies taste great and are a small thing to look forward to taking each day. They are a great way to feel great and satisfy the need to chew. Plus, they taste like a sort of candy.

They have all the benefits you would expect but in the form of a treat.

  • They provide Vitamin C.
  • They are easy to measure out- take two gummies and all the guesswork of whether you took too much or too little vanishes.
  • The taste is pretty good when compared to other wellness supplements.
  • They lower your pain levels.
  • They can be used to help the consumer get better rest.
  • They bring a sense of calm and clarity to the user.

This, plus all the good reviews we saw, were indicators that these gummies are a solid buy for anyone interested in delicious relief.

2.   cbdMD: CBD Oil

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

The tinctures come in four flavors. There are a variety of strengths you may select:

  • 300 mg
  • 750 mg
  • 1500 mg
  • 3000 mg
  • 5000 mg
  • 7500 mg

If you are a newbie to CBD, it is wise to start at the smallest dose and work your way up to just the right amount of relief. Taking too much CBD will not harm you, but it will not help, either.

Your next task is to choose the flavor you like. Plain CBD oil is available, but mint, orange, and berry are also there for those of you that do not care for that oil taste. It may also be helpful if you are an adult helping a child use CBD.

The tinctures are all US made with that great organic and non-GMO cannabis. The relaxation or “zen” feeling is real with these tinctures.

Our team tried the 3000mg oil. You get 100mg of CBD per dose. It is ideal for people with high levels of anxiety or stress or sore backs/muscles from work or sports.


There are just three ingredients when it comes to these helpful oils.

MCT Oil– This is a carrier oil that is good for you because it is a healthy fat. The study we listed above even says it may help you lose weight at a greater rate than does olive oil!

Natural Flavor– These natural flavors come from “essential oils, oleoresins, essences/extractives, protein hydrolysates, distillates, or products of roasting, heating…in which artificial flavors cannot be derived.”

Cannabidiol– The great things about cannabidiol are numerous, and you know many of them. Treatments of schizophrenia and dementia, its anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to help skin conditions like acne are just a few benefits.

The ingredients can vary when it comes to the individual oils involved. The oil our team reviewed was good for all-day use, but there are oils meant for sleep that contain more ingredients than just the three we listed above.

Granted, the ingredients are all safe, natural, and vegan, but they are worth checking out: melatonin and chamomile are two of the ingredients you will find.

Click here to learn more about the Ingredients in cbdMD’s tinctures on their website.

Customer Reviews

“I use it twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Feel much calmer on a regular basis… I highly recommend this oil.”- Train Wreck

“Such a wonderful group at CBDMD and what a great product. I am buying all my CBD stuff from them. Best in price and quality. Thanks again CBDMD” – Evan

“The berry flavor of this oil is phenomenal! The texture is easy to take. Shipping is super fast, and customer service is A+! Sadly, it did not work for me, but it may for you! Super great company!!”- Natasha

“The 300 mg oil tincture drops have done wonders for my spinal stenosis. I use the ointment occasionally, but the oil is what I use most. Amazing product and I do not use 800 mg Ibuprofen any longer. I’m very happy!”- Scott

Should You Buy It?

Yes, CBD tinctures are always a good idea. These are the first items that most people think about when they think about CBD. This is because it works and is easy to consume.

These tinctures are great for people who have physical pain, as well as anxiety. It is good for people who have difficulty falling asleep. Of course, you want to check this out with your doctor first, but the reviews are full of people who found relief using these oils.

The fact that the oils have flavors is another winner. Some people are OK with the regular flavor, and there is nothing wrong with that; others need to have a flavor to help it go down. The flavors make it easy to take and mix with your protein shakes or drinks.

Best of all, they are free of THC, so there is no concern about failing a drug test. You can take it regardless of what you have to do for work or sports and feel confident in your ability to take and pass the drug test.

3.   cbdMD: CBD Topicals

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

The topical creams that cbdMD sells come in three strengths. They are:

  • 300 mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500 mg

You can buy them in a squeeze bottle or in a roller, which feels great when rubbed onto the sore area.

CBD Freeze: This is a broad-spectrum CBD cream that is great for back pain and joint pain. Our team had a roller bottle to try, and it reminded us of Icy Hot or Bengay, only much better. It would really feel great for an athlete or manual laborer seeking relief after hard work.

CBD Recover: Spread or roll this cream onto the sore area and rub it in circles- the product goes right into the skin, and you get almost instant relief. Plus, it smells good.

These products would go well with one of the company’s CBD bath bombs. Imagine relaxing away the sore muscles with a hot bath and a CBD bath bomb, then following up with a bit of this helpful cream.

It is spa-quality relaxation, at a down-to-earth price.


There are a few different ingredients contained in these creams, so we will go over the most helpful ones for you. Like the other offerings of cbdMD, the ingredients are all safe and natural.

Essential Oils– May be used in aromatherapy and can be helpful for insomnia, also part of massage therapy for a number of conditions such as arthritis or anxiety

Emulsifying Wax- This is a wax created when petroleum or vegetable-based wax is treated with a detergent as a means of making water and oil bond together smoothly.

Vitamin B6– Important for the development of the brain and keeping the immune/nervous system in good shape.

Arnica Flower– Used as it is an anti-inflammatory and healer of tissue for bruises or trauma.

Coconut Oil– Contains high amounts of healthy fats that give energy to both the brain and body. It may also raise good cholesterol in the body, which lowers the risk of heart disease.

Aloe Leaf Juice– Aloe is commonly found in many products to help heal and soften the skin. Aloe may help treat wounds and aid in alleviating skin conditions like psoriasis and rashes.

MSM– Helpful in treating arthritis, this is an anti-inflammatory that is GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

Click here to learn more about the Ingredients in cbdMD’s Topicals on their website.

Customer Reviews

“High-quality CBD product! Really like the no-mess roll-on. This product’s Freeze feeling is heaven sent to my bones! It feels wonderful instantly on my lower back and spine.” -Beth Ann

“I use the 750mg at daytime and the 1500mg roll-on at night for my general aches and pains so I can at least sleep properly. Great products. Liked the arnica in the formula, as well.” -Denice

Should You Buy It?

Yes. cbdMD always scores high when you consider ANY of their CBD products. Not only do they contain the best of the best ingredients, but they really work.

The creams are loaded with ingredients you can pronounce and find out about via a quick Google search.

And the reviews really shine, too. The people using them are just ordinary folks with their own problems, whether it is physical pain or stress. They left positive reviews for these great products, which gives buyers confidence.

The creams feel good to the touch and smell great. Unlike some commercially sold products, these do not smell, and they are potent but gentle. The roller cream especially is a treat for those of you with sore legs, arms, or backs.

cbdMD Buying Guide

In this part, we will talk about the stuff you need to consider before you buy your desired CBD products.

Yes, it seems easy- choose what you want and buy. But don’t do it yet, make sure you’re informed of these considerations.

Are You Suitable for These Products?

Are you buying this because you feel physical aches and pains? Is your back, legs, or arms sore? Are you feeling anxious or stressed out? Do you want to gain clarity about your situation and feel relieved?

Research the product you want carefully with your reason for buying in mind. Topicals are ideal for physical aches and pains. Meanwhile, tinctures and gummies work best for anxiety or stress.

And, make sure you talk to your doctor first to ensure you do not experience a negative interaction with any meds you are currently taking.

How Much CBD Does A Product Contain?

More is not always ideal when it comes to CBD therapy. In fact, says, “Less is more,” when they talk about cannabis therapy.

The amount of CBD that the dosage contains matters. Newbies should start small and go up to the correct amount. suggests taking small doses during the day instead of one huge dose, keeping the same ratio and dose for a few days, and making note of how you feel.

According to, too much CBD could be less beneficial than actually using the right amount.


At first glance, cbdMD may seem expensive. $30 for just 2 oz of cream sounds quite pricey, is it really worth the money?

Well, as they say, you get what you pay for. The more care a company puts into their product, the better it will be, generally speaking.

cbdMD has the best of everything: hemp, extraction, packaging, ingredients. You pay the price, but you get the relief that is unprecedented.

The bottom line? Be ready to pay but be ready to get a product that WORKS.

Method of Consumption

CBD can be taken any way you want it. Whether you like tinctures, creams, or gummies, you can have it your way.

The only stipulation is that you have to choose a product based on your needs.

For example, creams are great for physical pain relief.

Gummies are for people that want a great tasting but effective way to take CBD.

Oils and tinctures are for those that want classic CBD relief, in an easy-to-take form that mixes well with drinks and shakes.

cbdMD FAQs

Will I Fail A Drug Test?

Might be-cbdMD uses broad-spectrum extraction, so there is no THC present. However, it is best to tell your employer or coach ahead of time that you would like to use CBD products in the event they administer a drug test.

What Is the Best Amount Of CBD?

There is no “best amount” as it depends on the person. You should start small and work up to the “just right” mg of CBD that gets you relief from what ails you.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, cbdMD products and any other CBD products you get are federally legal. Make sure it is legal in your state to have CBD before buying.

Do I Need to Refrigerate My CBD Oils?

Nope, you can simply store them in a cool, dry place, making sure they are not in direct sun or heat.

Our Verdict

With high standards for manufacturing, hemp that is organic, and options for consumers, we really can’t find much to complain about when it comes to cbdMD.

They really care about that hemp; from the moment the seed hits the soil to the bottling and selling of their products.

And while the price is rather high for the products, you know that this is a brand you can trust- it will work, it won’t be money wasted, and you will likely find yourself ordering more as time goes on.

These factors, plus their free shipping and friendly customer service, makes it easy to see they’re doing well.

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